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Why you should eat differently in the heat



At temperatures It’s around 30 degrees for you too hot to eat? You’re not alone! In this article we will tell you how you can help your body high temperatures to come to terms with what foods you eat cool from the inside can and how you despite heat stay energetic.

Topic overview

Red cabbage, roulades, goulash and spaetzle Wintermelon, tomato mozzarella and lettuce Sommer – some foods taste good to us better in certain seasons. Sure, if you look around for kale in the supermarkets in the summer, you can look for a long time, but that’s not the only reason you’re in the market During the hot season the appetite for sumptuous food disappears.

Why are we less hungry in summer?

Is higher the temperature, the less appetite many people have – and not without reason. At heat your body has enough to do with cooling itself down and therefore has less energy available for digestion.; the digestive tract is in, so to speak Vacation.

The whole Eat nothing during the dayto then on Evening at the barbecue It’s still not a good idea to really hit it. So are sleep disorders pre-programmed. Instead, try lots of small meals to eat throughout the day. Make it easy for yourself by small portions of sliced ​​carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelon in the refrigerator. So you always have one healthy snack ready and automatically drink fluids (vegetables and fruits naturally have a high water content, which refreshes you).

What can we eat to stay cool?

You’d love to just do it all day long in the heat to eat ice? Aside from the fact that it’s pretty boring, you’re obviously not providing your body with the nutrients it needs. It’s better if you eat vegetables and fruits that contain water. Tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers and the like have one high water content and deliver a lot at the same time Vitamins and mineralsn. For many, grilling is part of the hot weather; But we have to disappoint you here: Meat is rather difficult for your body to digest, which is why you should hold off on sausages and steak. Grab it lean meat and you better hold on Salad and vegetables.

6 tips to stay cool

1. Local vegetables

Basically, all of them are recommended in hot weather Vegetables with a high water content – and there are a few: tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, mushrooms, asparagus… the list can be expanded endlessly. It’s best if you get involved Types of vegetables to those in this country just season have. These not only have a low CO2 footprint, but often also contain more vitamins and nutrients than imported varieties. A look at the seasonal calendar will tell you which types of vegetables and fruits are currently growing here. When preparing, you should make sure that you do not heat vegetables and fruit too much so that all the vitamins are retained. Raw food from the fridge is also delicious when the outside temperature is high: cut radishes, cucumbers, etc. into sticks and snack in between.

2. Smoothies

If you’re in the heat too lazy to chewn are, are Smoothies ideal for you: simply puree vegetables and fruit, add ice cubes and enjoy. So that your smoothie becomes one healthy diet fits, choose green vegetables, such as cabbage or spinach as a base. Also berries and Low-calorie milk alternatives such as almond or coconut drinks are refreshing in summer.

3. Some like it hot…

Hot drinks cause your body to sweat briefly – so that it can cool down again afterwards. The same applies to spicy food. In particular Chiliwhich contains capsaicin, stimulates sweat production and cools down your body.

4. Gazpacho and cold soups

This tip goes in a completely different direction: try one on hot days Gazpacho or another cooling soup. Gazpacho is a Soup made from uncooked vegetables, which is served cold. Tomatoes usually serve as the base here. It will be even more refreshing if you have yours Gazpacho Instead of tomatoes, prepare it with cucumbers, or puree a cucumber, grate it into yogurt and create a cold yogurt-cucumber soup.

5. Tropical fruits

This tip won’t please the climate activists among us too much: especially refreshing in the heat works Tropical fruitsHow Melons, Pineapple etc. In the hot countries where tropical fruits come from, this cooling effect is particularly important, which is why melons, pineapples and the like are perfect additions to lunch. The favorite among the tropical fruits is the Watermelon with a water content of 90 percent, which with its high content of potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C Mineralhaushalt refills.

Extra tip: Watermelon It also tastes savory, for example with feta and olives. Melon becomes particularly refreshing if you cut it into small pieces and put it in the freezer for about 30 to 40 minutes – mmmhhh! A local alternative with a cooling effect are berries, such as Strawberries.

6. Yogurt, buttermilk, kefir

Yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir, ayran and others low-fat dairy products will be one cooling effect said. Maybe you know the trick of eating yogurt after a spicy meal, or, as the Indians do, drinking lassi with it? This is where the cooling effect is supposed to be for you compensation care for. Lassi consists of 50 percent natural yoghurt, which combats feelings of heat and is a great substitute for ice cream etc.

Extra tip for the night: peppermint

You suffer in this weather sleep disorders? Here can Peppermint can help. The one contained in mint Menthol is said to have a cooling effect and is perceived by some as refreshing. Geagainst them Sleep disorders typical of heat Peppermint works best in the form of a lukewarm tea that you drink in the evening to cool down before bed.


A decreased appetite is not uncommon in summer temperatures and no reason to worry: The heat puts a strain on your body and slows down your digestion, making you less hungry. Now it’s time for yours body to hear and still supply it with energy so that you remain efficient. Eat lots of small meals that don’t put a strain on your body and eat mostly vegetables, fruit and low-fat dairy products. If you have no appetite at all, resort to liquid food in the form of Smoothies and soups.


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