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This means you can even burn fat while you sleep



Sleep and lose weight at the same time? Sounds almost too good to be true. However, this doesn’t have to remain a dream, because if you activate your metabolism at night with a few little tricks, you’ll also burn a little fat while you sleep. How it works? We’ll tell you.

Slim while you sleep? This activates fat burn mode

During sleep, the so-called growth hormone somatotropin (also called GH or HGH, from “human growth hormone”) is increasingly released by the pituitary gland. In children, it primarily regulates the longitudinal growth of the skeleton and thereby determines their height at the end of the growth phase.

According to studies, HGH plays a role in adults an essential role:

  • in metabolism (such as fat metabolism),
  • it affects body composition
  • and on the regulation of blood sugar levels/insulin secretion.

On the one hand, HGH stimulates the breakdown of fats in fatty tissue. On the other hand, it has an anabolic (i.e. “building”) effect indirectly via certain receptors and the protein IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) by stimulating cell division and growth in almost all tissues. These anabolic effects have also ensured that HGH is used improperly by athletes and is on the banned list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

However, fat loss through HGH during sleep only works if there is little insulin in your bloodstream. If you want to burn fat while you sleep, you have to make sure that as little insulin as possible is released before you sleep.

Carbohydrate-containing snacks are a real no-go in the evening, as the fast carbohydrates in pretzel sticks and chocolate lead to high insulin release.

So instead of nibbling sweets etc. in the evening and sending your insulin levels soaring, you should change your evening snack routine and opt for these foods instead:

1. Fat burner tip: drink a protein shake

The biggest danger when losing weight is that valuable muscle mass is lost instead of fat. Because this reduces calorie consumption – and the yo-yo effect is programmed. But this only happens if there are not enough proteins available in the cells for nightly “repair work” and your body resorts to the protein structures of the skeletal muscles in an emergency.

A Dutch study from Maastricht University has shown how protein synthesis can be additionally boosted at night: test subjects were given around 30 grams of casein after their workout in the evening before they went to sleep. Casein is a protein component of cow’s milk. Unlike whey, casein enters the blood more slowly and supplies your body with amino acids throughout the night.

A protein shake is quick to mix

The results of the study showed that casein was effectively digested, stimulated muscle protein synthesis, and improved whole body protein balance overnight. That’s why a casein shake before bed is ideal to stimulate metabolism and optimize fat burning.

Nice to know: This study found that, in addition to the casein shake, evening strength training increased nighttime muscle protein synthesis.

2. Fat burner tip: “snack” on protein snacks

Dinner canceling was considered the top method for losing weight until the 1990s. Please forget that! Because even if you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t go hungry, but rather eat the right foods.

Why? Too many (simple) carbohydrates – whether eaten in the evening or during the day – hinder fat burning due to the large insulin release. Protein stabilizes your blood sugar levels and prevents insulin spikes that ultimately result in food cravings.

According to studies, protein is also a real metabolism booster, because protein-rich foods boost your metabolism much more than carbs or fats, as the body has to work really hard to utilize the proteins. The energy used is released in the form of heat, causing the body temperature to rise. If you eat a protein-rich diet, it will increase your metabolism, which will have a positive effect on your energy metabolism.

Note: A high-protein, low-carb snack before bed will help you burn fat while you sleep. The following snacks would be ideal for this – preferably in combination:

  • 200 grams of cottage cheese (around 180 kcal and 24 g protein)
  • 1-2 boiled eggs (1 egg provides 80 kcal and 7 g protein)
  • 200 grams of low-fat quark (around 140 kcal and 26 g protein)
  • 200 grams of Skyr pure (around 125 kcal and 22 g protein)

Protein-rich evening snack with filling potential: low-fat quark

Tipp: If pure quark or skyr is too boring for you, you can give the snack a delicious, low-calorie and almost sugar-free flavor with a flavoring powder.

However, because protein boosts metabolism overnight and helps build muscle, it should be your first choice if you don’t want to burn muscle mass, but just excess fat during sleep and sleep slim.

Sleep yourself slim with protein in the evening

A casein shake or a protein-rich snack in the evening ensures that your body is sufficiently supplied with protein and can switch into the night-time metabolism turbo. So from now on, avoid pretzel sticks or chocolate on the couch and instead enjoy a bowl of low-fat quark or a protein shake.


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