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This is how Jack Guy still stays in top shape in his 50s



How does a former cover model over 50 train today?

As a young guy, Jack Guy – now 59 years old – often pumped in the gym. Today he prefers to train on the water, in the park or in the mountains. When he still lived in New York, he went to the gym regularly. That changed with a move to California. “Today my training mostly consists of stand-up paddling, hiking with steep climbs and power yoga. I only go to the studio twice a week to tone my body.” According to Burkhard Weisser, Professor of Sports Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Kiel, a healthy mix. “Functional training, which basically includes hiking, is the best compromise between strength and endurance training. When done correctly and with intensity, it is at least as effective as training in the studio with dumbbells and equipment.” Stand-up paddling challenges the upper body, hiking strengthens the legs and heart, yoga is a mix of stretching, strength and endurance training.

What Type of Workout Should Men Over 50 Do?

According to Professor Weisser, strength training is particularly beneficial for older men: “It improves metabolism, stimulates fat burning and strengthens the immune system. If you are also equipped with good genes, strength training is even more effective.” Especially in old age, it is important to maintain the basic muscles in this way. Muscles are tissues that positively influence the functionality of many other organs and muscles, such as those of the heart. Even a well-trained heart muscle is only of use if the rest of the body is also fit and trained. In other words: your heart can easily handle a sprint up the stairs, but that’s no use if your legs give out. A study from Finland even showed that men over 50 who have been doing strength training for a long time are more muscular than young couch potatoes between the ages of 25 and 30.

Do attitudes towards training change with age?

Definitely for Jack Guy. He has now moved on from striving for other people’s fitness visions. “I used to try to get to 3 percent body fat through diets. I looked great without a shirt and had a perfect six-pack. But with a shirt on, my face looked sunken. I needed more body fat again to look good.” Today he lives a fundamentally disciplined life without being stubborn. “I eat healthy, train hard, switch up activities, accept the limits of my body. I don’t care so much about weights anymore. It’s about how I look and how I feel.“Perhaps this relaxed attitude also contributed to the fact that the former model is now mostly on the other side of the lens as a photographer.

Which exercise should not be missing from Jack Guy’s strength training?

  1. Tie the resistance band to a fixed point at about shoulder height. Take a big step away from kneeling with your back to the band. Extend your hips so that your thighs and upper body form a straight line. Hold the resistance band behind your neck with both hands, elbows pointing forward. The band should be under tension.

  2. Bring your elbows as close as possible to your knees and round your back. Tense your abdominal muscles. Controlled back to the starting position.


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