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Strong back in just 2 weeks



Most men love chest training. Admittedly, the bench press is fun. But how much love do you give to the back of your upper body? Hopefully more in the future than before. If you train on one side and promote muscular imbalances, it is only a matter of time before your back hurts and hurts. The best precaution to nip nasty back pain in the bud is a good dose of functional back training. That’s exactly why we decided to design a training plan that strengthens your latissimus, teres major etc. and thus protects you from pain in the long term. The special program for the home gym even lets you generate visual changes in just 2 weeks. Do not you think? Then convince yourself of the opposite!

What makes our back plan so effective?

The back of your upper body is made up of an upper and a lower part, but also of various individual muscles – from the trapezius to the erector spinae. A good training plan covers the entire spectrum, leaving no chance for deficits. It is a matter of honor that our plan also stabilizes your entire cross and makes it visibly stronger.

In detail, there are 4 training days per week, on each of which you challenge your back muscles and another muscle group. You see: the holistic approach extends beyond the back of the upper body. Logically, we also involve your leg and gluteal muscles – the foundation on which your body stands. A weak butt, for example, is often the cause of problems in the lower back. A proper lower body workout will also support your upper body gains.

To implement this (ideally possible in a home gym), you only need two weight-adjustable dumbbells, a stable weight bench and a pull-up bar. So you can basically get started straight away. What are you waiting for?

Our turbo training plan for the home gym is the perfect kick-off for a strong rear view. In just 2 weeks you will not only achieve visual results, but also protect yourself from annoying back pain. To make your back strong, all you have to do is get started. So, download the plan and follow through!


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