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Shame in front of the urologist: That's why men avoid a check-up



  • The man who doesn’t care about health: One in three men has never been to a urologist
  • That’s why so many men avoid urologists
  • Online doctor visits as a solution?

Women and men approach their health very differently: Men often only go to the urologist when they actually have symptoms – regular checkups are recommended for patients aged 45 and over. This allows diseases such as prostate cancer, the most common cancer among men in Germany, to be detected and combated at an early stage. Nevertheless, many men avoid being examined by a urologist, even though there is nothing to worry about. Quite the opposite: After all, there is much more to worry about if you don’t go to the doctor, because if diseases such as prostate cancer are detected early, they can be easily treated.

So why do so many men avoid the urologist and how many men actually visit the urologist? A new study by Appinio and the telemedicine platform GoSpring recently got to the bottom of this.

The man who doesn’t care about health: One in three men has never been to a urologist

The study surveyed 1,000 men with an average age of 41.9 years. They answered various questions regarding their intimate health. Only 63% of all men said they had ever visited a urologist, i.e. one in three men had never been there. The recommended annual check-up from the age of 45 is also not attended by 37% of all men.

That’s why so many men avoid urologists

But what is behind this fear of being examined by a urologist? After all, the penis is just as much a part of the body as the eyes, teeth or ears and most people ultimately consult a doctor when they have problems. Palpating the testicles, examining the foreskin and prostate: what exactly makes going to the urologist so difficult?

As the results of the study show, the reasons are varied: While 68% of those surveyed stated that they had no complaints, a full 47% avoided visiting the urologist for fear of an unpleasant experience during the examination. This is followed by 33% who do not go to the urologist out of shame and 28% who are afraid of being diagnosed with an illness.

As the results of the study also show, the fear of the urologist is unfounded: of the participants who have already visited the urologist, the majority of those surveyed (62%) found the visit positive. Only 12% say they remember going to the urologist as having a negative experience.

Online doctor visits as a solution?

But even among those who attend examinations by urologists, there seems to be shame: more than one in three men say that they would hide intimate complaints, such as erectile dysfunction, from the doctor. Online doctors could be a solution here, because according to the study, three quarters of all men would consider visiting a doctor online and 71% of those surveyed would also address intimate complaints online.

Many men avoid going to the urologist – this is also shown by a new study by Appinio and GoSpring, according to which one in three have never had an examination by a urologist. The most common reasons for this include fear of an unpleasant experience or the diagnosis of an illness. However, regular check-ups, which are recommended from the age of 45, allow illnesses to be detected early and therefore treated particularly well. Use this as an impetus to make your appointment straight away.


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