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Reduce alcohol: How to sober up faster



  • The hormone FGF21 controls alcohol absorption
  • The hormone allows mice to break down alcohol more quickly
  • Is FGF21 the new miracle cure for alcohol poisoning?

Did you look too deeply into the glass yesterday and now your body is punishing you with a buzzing skull? Nothing can ruin a fun night more than a hangover the next day. Many people swear by electrolyte supplements like Elotrans to get rid of hangovers faster. Research findings now show a new way to potentially prevent the development of a hangover in the future: With the help of a new study, researchers used mice to research how an endogenous active ingredient could help the body recover more quickly from excessive alcohol consumption.

The hormone FGF21 controls alcohol absorption

When you drink alcohol, the liver sends a hormonal signal to the brain that is intended to protect you from the dangerous consequences of alcohol consumption. The hormone called FGF21 is involved in various processes in the body and is usually released when you are at risk of starvation, there is a protein deficiency, or when you consume alcohol. It has previously been shown that FGF21 encourages people to avoid alcohol and drink water. Since the hormone plays a key role in protecting against alcohol poisoning, researchers at the American University of Texas investigated whether taking the hormone can help combat alcohol poisoning.

The hormone allows mice to break down alcohol more quickly

Since mice produce the same hormone as humans when they consume alcohol, the tests were carried out on mice. The results show that the effects of excessive alcohol consumption disappeared more quickly when the concentration of FGF21 in the blood was higher. The mice that were injected with the hormone were able to walk normally again more quickly than those that were not treated with FGF21. With the hormone, the mice recovered from the intoxication twice as quickly.

Is FGF21 the new miracle cure for alcohol poisoning?

The researchers emphasize that further studies are necessary to research why the hormone controls processes in the body and to check whether the results of the study can be transferred to humans. “These results suggest that this FGF21-liver-brain pathway evolved to protect against ethanol-induced intoxication,” said the researchers. They see potential in that FGF21 could be used to treat alcohol poisoning in the future.

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Researchers may have found a new way to combat alcohol poisoning: The hormone FGF21 helped drunk mice break down alcohol more quickly. The potential of the hormone will now be further researched.


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