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Pudding, muesli, bread and pizza dough – almost all foods are available in the world these days „High Protein“-Variante. These should be more protein than comparable, conventional products and thus contribute to a healthy diet and a fit lifestyle afford. Where does the hype come from, what do these products do and should you incorporate them into your diet? We’ll tell you that in this article.

What are high protein products?

Suddenly they were there and now it’s hard to imagine life without them: High protein products such as protein pudding, protein muesli, bars or protein bread are enjoying growing popularity. The foods that are often labeled “rich in protein” or „Proteinquelle“ are provided, represent a sporty lifestyle and are intended to convey exclusivity.

When does a food become special? rich in protein may be marketed is precisely defined: the information „Proteinquelle“ stands for a high protein content, which must be at least 12% of the total energy content, „High Protein“ is a food if at least 20% of the energy content consists of protein.

Where does the hype about high-protein products come from?

Where does the hype about protein come from? Protein is healthy: the macronutrient is needed for the development of muscles, bones, connective tissue, the immune system and blood clotting. High-protein products therefore quickly give the impression of being particularly healthy.

The enthusiasm that surrounds the trend High protein products can be recognized, comes from the Low carb diet. Here carbohydrates and fats are reduced, while at the same time more Protein is taken. Even with nutritional trends such as the trend, carbohydrates in the evening to do without, they play Proteins an important role. Here they are intended to support weight loss and help build muscle. The industry has also recognized this trend and responded by inventing high-protein products.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of high-protein products?

How healthy they are High protein products? According to the DGE (German Society for Nutrition), most high-protein products are often very highly processed foods that are made up of low-quality ingredients – predominantly industrial energy and nutrient sources and additives. Such products are not inherently healthy; On the contrary: if you displace natural foods such as vegetables, fruit and nuts, this can lead to a lack of secondary plant substances, nutrients and fiber and can lead to consequences such as obesity and other diet-related diseases. The main advantages and disadvantages of High protein products are the following:

Benefits of high protein products

  • Protein (Protein) is vital for muscles, bones, connective tissue, immune system and blood clotting
    in fact, egg whites have the best satiety effect of all Main nutrients and supports the Abuilding muscles
  • have lots of high protein products less added Sugar or avoid it completely, that’s why they have fewer calories than other puddings and ice creams
  • maintains a high protein content It also keeps blood sugar stable and helps against cravings
  • Protein boosts metabolism

With all the advantages, however, it must be said that these advantages also apply to “normal”, protein-rich foods such as quark, lean meat and the like, which do not come with a “High Protein“-Advertise promises.

Disadvantages of high protein products

At what point is a food truly “high” in protein?

As you know, foods may contain the statement “Proteinquelle“ wear if at least 12% of the Energy content comes from protein. Statements such as “high protein” must contain at least 20% of the energy content be protein. This makes natural foods such as low-fat quark, which accounts for 73% of the energy content Protein and canned tuna (90% of the energy content is protein) are the absolute leaders. High-protein products from the industry are therefore unnecessary.

In fact, even people who, due to their age or competitive sports, can have one higher Protein requirements meet their needs through conventional protein-rich foods cover. In protein metabolism in the body arises Harnstoff, the one about the kidney must be excreted in the urine. Therefore If you have a high protein intake, drinking enough is important.

Trick substance collagen

Just as food is not the same as food Not all proteins are the same. Like your body Protein can use, decides biological value of the protein. An ingredient found in most High protein products vAnother source, but not usable, is collagen hydrolyzate, also known as gelatin. This kind of protein It does increase the protein content on the packaging quite a bit, but is not available to the body to the same extent. Collagen protein is often used in protein bars and ensures a fluffy, pleasant consistency.


How useful are High protein products? Basically: You have to try out which high-protein products
and how much of it you can tolerate well, and then decide on a case-by-case basis. In direct comparison, high-protein products are often lower in calories than the conventional variant (for example chocolate pudding and chocolate bars). Whether such a product makes sense you should still question yourself Despite the beautiful logo, take a close look at the nutritional values. It certainly doesn’t make sense to cover your protein needs through desserts, but on a day when there was no protein side dish with the pasta dish, Can you have dessert too?High Proteinbe.


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