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Protein powder for losing weight: 6 tricks



  • Lose weight smartly with casein protein powder
  • Conclusion: Protein powder is a good weight loss aid

In the gym, many athletes drink their protein shake before showering because the muscles need the extra portion of protein after the workout. But did you also know that with protein powder you can not only build muscle mass, but also accelerate weight loss? Protein fills you up longer than carbohydrates or fats and also keeps your blood sugar level constant. Perfect conditions to quickly reach your weight loss goal.

But which protein powder is best for losing weight? And how should you take it – just drink one or two shakes a day? We have the answers.

Lose weight smartly with casein protein powder

Casein protein powder is the best choice if you want to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass. But what exactly is casein? Doesn’t every package of protein powder always say “whey”? What is the difference between whey and casein?

Casein is the main component of milk protein: In cow’s milk, this consists of around 80 percent casein and 20 percent whey protein, or better known as whey. Whey is quickly available in the body and is therefore ideal as a shake after a workout to supply the muscles with amino acids (small protein building blocks).

The special thing about casein: The protein component enters the blood more slowly than whey and supplies the body with essential amino acids for longer, as it is constantly absorbed by the gastrointestinal system. In addition, casein fills you up for a very long time. Do you still need the right protein powder? We can recommend the pure casein protein powder.

A multi-component powder, i.e. a mix of whey and casein protein powder, is also a good choice for losing weight. They are often declared as 3K or 4K powders. The K stands for components. In other words: The powder consists of several protein sources, for example whey, casein and egg protein. Weider’s 4K protein is an absolute bestseller and a good choice.

Do you eat vegan? No problem, there are now many very good vegan multi-component powders based on various vegetable protein sources, such as soy, peas, hemp, etc.

So if you’re trying to lose a few pounds, protein powder can make your way to your dream body easier. However, you don’t necessarily have to consume the casein as a shake or meal replacement. It’s much smarter to sneak a little protein powder into every meal of the day.

We have collected 6 clever everyday hacks for you. This is how you pamper breakfast, lunch and dinner with an extra portion of protein:

1. Start the day with protein pancakes

Would you like to lose a few pounds, but find it difficult to give up sweets? Who says you have to? Because if you start the day with sweet pancakes, you can still lose weight. Here are 3 recipes for delicious protein pancakes.

The trick: Flour and sugar can be replaced in homemade protein pancakes with protein powder and other healthy ingredients, such as oat flakes and low-fat quark. This also gives your fitness pancakes a special flavor, depending on which type you choose. Do you fancy chocolate pancakes? Then choose a powder with a chocolate flavor.

2. Coffee with protein powder instead of milk

All you need is a blender. It doesn’t even have to be particularly powerful. Add around 10 grams of vanilla-flavored casein protein powder to the blender and add a cup of brewed coffee. Mix briefly and you have a delicious coffee with a nice crema. Almost like a real cappuccino.

3. Pimp your quark or yoghurt with casein

Low-fat quark is basically already rich in protein, but with a spoonful of your weight loss protein powder it becomes a pure protein bomb. Of course, you can also stir the powder into any Greek yogurt, natural yogurt or skyr, it works just as well. You can also vary the taste depending on which type of protein powder you choose. Delicious with: fresh fruit and nuts.

4. Upgrade your porridge with extra protein

By adding a spoonful of protein powder – for example with chocolate flavor – you can easily transform boring porridge into a delicious protein porridge. Sounds good, right?

The protein powder in the milk not only makes your oatmeal creamier, but also turns it into the perfect weight-loss breakfast: long-chain carbohydrates plus protein and little fat keep you full for a long time and are the optimal basis for a stressful day. You can find even more healthy ideas for your fitness breakfast here.

With additional toppings such as fruit, nuts and seeds, you can not only refine the taste of your protein porridge, but also give it an extra vitamin and mineral kick. By the way: The trick also works with muesli by simply mixing the powder into the milk.

5. Enrich soups and sauces with protein powder

Soups are quick to make, but unfortunately, without a carbohydrate-rich side dish like bread, they usually don’t keep you full for long. The trick: Next time, add a spoonful of protein powder to your broccoli, sweet potato or carrot soup. Of course not the vanilla flavored one, but a tasteless protein powder. Mix the whole thing briefly in a blender or with a hand blender so that no small lumps form. The protein soup is ready, which will keep you full for a long time and thanks to the powder it also has a nice, creamy consistency.

Tomato-based pasta sauces or Bolognese can also be “stretched” with protein powder. Or how about a nice protein risotto?

6. Make protein-rich dips

Are you planning a streaming marathon and find it difficult to do without nachos and dips? You don’t have to, because cheating is absolutely allowed when losing weight. In this case, we still have a protein hack: Simply enrich your favorite dip with a little protein powder.

Conclusion: Protein powder is a good weight loss aid

Thanks to casein powder, replacing entire meals with shakes is no longer necessary. The increased protein content in your food means you feel full more quickly and can therefore lose weight more easily. With our weight loss hacks and the different types of protein powder, every meal can be upgraded to a healthier and delicious dish.


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