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Metabolism booster from natural cuisine



Essenwhat you want without gaining weight, always full of energy and doing it top in Form his… oh, who doesn’t dream of a quick one metabolism! Especially now in summer it is an advantage if Body really Gas is on and burns what you tell him about yours Nutrition supply. In this post you will find out what you can do to improve your… Get your metabolism going and put the turbo gear in.

What is metabolism?

The metabolism or ‘Metabolismdescribes all biochemical processes in the cells of your body, where Components of the nutrients supplied are broken down, converted and built up from food. Depending on the person and their characteristics such as age, gender, body composition and living conditions, metabolism varies in speed or slowness.

When we talk about a “fast metabolism”, we mean that food is converted quickly, calories are burned and the cells are supplied with all important substances and enzymes.

Metabolism can be divided into different types. These include fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism, building metabolism and hunger metabolism. These each work differently.

Fat metabolism

Fett serves the Energy production in the cells and as more important messenger substance in the body. For this reason, fat is stored not only in the fatty tissue itself, but in almost all cells of the body. If too much fat is consumed through food, the body stores it as “deposit fat”, which is stored in the body Subcutaneous fatty tissue stored and reused by the organism when necessary.

Carbohydrate metabolism

The Carbohydrate metabolism describes all processes involved in the absorption, transport and breakdown of carbohydrates. The most important carbohydrate representative is simple sugar, i.e. glucose. Glucose is an important energy supplier for organs and cells. In patients with a Hyperthyroidism The intake of glucose leads to an increased release of sugar from the liver and thus to an increase in blood sugar levels. If you have an underactive thyroid, the absorption of glucose is reduced. This leads to high insulin levels and associated weight gain.

Protein metabolism

The Protein metabolism describes the Breakdown of protein in digestion. Amino acids reach the cells via the bloodstream, where they are used to generate energy and build up Hormones and muscle cells are used.

Building materials

Building materials or “anabolism”. Metabolic processeswhere substances such as body tissue, Muscles etc. can be set up. In doing so, verused cell tissue replaced by new.

Starvation metabolism

Of course, you can’t just build body tissue, but just as well tear downto provide energy from it, roughly when you are in the Calorie deficit while losing fat and muscle. This process is called starvation metabolism or “catabolism” and takes place im in the course of Diets or after one prolonged physical stress instead of when your body needs to supply itself with energy. To do this, it uses the nutrients contained in the muscles.

Metabolism booster from natural cuisine

To the Boost metabolismyou should be active, sport – ideally Strength training for one higher basal metabolic rate – exercise, reduce stress and get enough sleep. Yours too Nutrition has an influence on metabolism and can have a positive effect on it.

1. Eat a high protein diet

Protein-rich foodsespecially in the morning rain Fat metabolism on and bend Cravings attacks before. To do this, integrate foods such as eggs or quark into your breakfast.

2. Ginger

Hot spices help to stimulate metabolism and thus support diets. Ginger root is popular here, as its natural spiciness stimulates digestion and can even have an appetite-suppressing effect. A tip for losing weight is to prepare it as ginger water, which, in addition to boosting your metabolism, also supports the body in eliminating toxins.

Preparation of ginger water: Place a pot with about two liters of water and bring to a simmer. Depending on how spicy you want, slice one or more pieces of ginger root and add them to the pot. Let the whole thing cook on medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes. Drink the water straight away in the morning to get your digestion going or enjoy it cooled throughout the day.

2. Chili

Chilis stimulate the metabolism thanks to the active ingredient capsaicin and are ideal as seasoning for the Diet. Alternatively, cayenne pepper also helps Metabolism booster, but be careful: Spicy foods can cause heartburn, irritable stomach, kidney or bladder problems in particularly sensitive people. Overall, however, pungent substances have more beneficial properties than harmful ones. Studies have shown that hot spices have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and have a beneficial effect on blood pressure, blood circulation and the production of saliva and gastric juice.

3. Green tea

Drinking enough is essential for this metabolism. A liquid with particularly positive properties green tea. This is rich in antioxidants, lowers blood sugar levels and stimulates fat burning and metabolism. Due to the caffeine it contains, it has a similar stimulating effect to coffee, but at the same time reduces it bitter substances the desire for sweets.

4. Lemons

Once that Boost fat metabolism? That goes with it Lemons! The one included Vitamin C accelerates the metabolism of fat, making lemons a valuable component of diets. As a component of dips, salad dressings or as lemon water, lemon can be easily integrated into the diet and can thus have a positive effect on metabolism.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a true superfood. The spice contains a high number of Antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress. Cinnamon is valuable for metabolism because it lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels, improves insulin action and… Fat burning favored.

6. Avocados

Avocados are not straight low in calories – but it doesn’t matter, because due to their “good” fats, they still have a positive effect on the metabolism. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in avocados can be one Insulin resistance prevent, lower blood pressure and the Heart health improve,

7. Broccoli

Broccoli It’s not without reason that it’s so popular with athletes. The green vegetables contain plenty Vitamin C and calcium, both of which are essential for you active metabolism and fat metabolism.

Metabolism boosters from natural cuisine: the basic rules

Of course there are numerous others Groceriesyours Positively influence metabolism, but we can’t list them all due to space and time constraints: coffee, almonds, rocket, to name just a few more examples. Basically, you influence yours metabolism positive if you rely on the following character traits:

Colorful – bitter – spicy

Bunt: combine different colors in the food to be as varied as possible secondary plant substances to be taken care of. Yellow pigments from turmeric, red pigments in chili and rose peppers and green pigments such as in parsley have a wide variety of beneficial effects on blood vessels, capillaries, blood formation and the immune system.

Bitter: bitter substances rain the Release of gastric juice and thus support healthy digestion. They are found in many spices and herbs, for example mugwort, wormwood, dandelion or gentian. Traces of them can also be found in orange peels or bitter oranges (sweet oranges) as well as in bitter salads such as endive, radicchio or chicory.

Spicy: Certain Spices reduce the Appetit and enhance the dining experience. The more lavishly seasoned the food is, the slower and more enjoyable you usually eat and the less food you need to feel full.


The metabolism lets through various measures such as getting enough sleep, encouraging exercise and sport. Also about that food Metabolism can be positively influenced. You should primarily focus on fresh, natural foods such as broccoli, lemons and avocados and drink enough. Basically, combinations such as colorful, bitter and spicy are positive for your metabolism. The same applies here as always: there is none panacea and no shortcut to a slim, toned body. However, you can control your body with the proper nutrition and support a healthy lifestyle. 


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