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Hidden appetizers



Over half of adults in Germany are overweight. Many of them eat too much and wrongly, while exercise is neglected. Why is it so difficult to switch to smaller meals and a healthy, varied diet? Why do so many people grab it? Those who want to lose weight After just a few days, you go back to fast food and chocolate, which you had just given up? The reason lies in poor eating habits, emotional eating and the difficulty Hunger von Appetit to distinguish. In addition, some foods actually stimulate the appetite instead of filling you up. In this article we’ll tell you how hidden appetizers make our lives difficult, how you can expose them and how you can replace them in the future.

Why do we actually eat? The difference between hunger and appetite

Why are you actually eating? Because you really Hunger have, or because they Pizza looks so delicious at the next table? The truth is this: most of us eat not just when we are hungry, but for many reasons other reasons.

Hunger or appetite: these are the differences

“I’m hungry.” The sentence we say so often is rarely true. ‘Hunger‘ is an innate function that comes before us malnutrition and Protect against deficiency symptoms should. We have this function from birth and signal when we are hungry by crying as a baby.

In our western world, where most of us are more likely to struggle with a kilo or two too many than too few, real hunger rarely occurs. Hunger is here regularly Appetite confused. Appetite is caused by the following triggers:

Eating out of sociability

Eating is a part of sociability, socialization and emotionality. Would you like an example? At a party where everyone around you is eating, you will most likely still eat even if you already have sat and you will most likely eat things there that you wouldn’t otherwise eat in order to fill yourself up. Things like gummy bears and chips, for example, that are only consumed here because other people do it too and because that Eating behavior ours Vicinity rubs off on us.

Hormones and hunger

Also ours Hormone affect ours Appetit out of. You certainly know those days when you just can’t get enough, right? Feelings of hunger are primarily caused by the hormone Ghrelin triggered. Ghrelin is produced in the stomach and from there enters the blood. Opponent of Ghrelin is Leptin, which is released by the fatty tissue and saturates. Like all Hormone Ghrelin and leptin can also get out of balance, roughly Stress or to little sleep. In such cases, ghrelin takes over and you just have one of those days where you can eat and eat without getting full.

How your intestinal flora influences your appetite

The human intestinal flora is made up of around 400 different types of bacteria settled, yours Appetit influence. There are studies that show that certain intestinal bacteria increase appetite. This goes so far that the… bacteria We even determine what we are hungry for: depending on whether the microbial strains in the intestine live on carbohydrates, fat or protein, we have cravings for these Macronutrients and are only satisfied when our intestinal bacteria calm down. Do you suffer again and again Food cravings It may make sense to have the composition of your intestinal flora analyzed. If bacteria are to blame for your cravings, you can counteract them with probiotics – good bacteria for your intestines – and specifically starve out the bad bacteria.

Hidden appetizers

Whether we sat are, or not, it’s not just the amount we eat that decides, but also the Food selection. In general, it can be said that it takes around 500 g of food to make you feel full. However, the composition of the food determines how long satiety lasts. Depending on how many nutrients a food provides and how long they affect digestion, the longer you will be full. For example, if you fill your stomach with 500 ml of water or rely on volume in your diet and you eat 500 g of lettuce, yours is Magen that is short term filled. However, since you hardly get any nutrients from your food, it lasts saturation here not long ago. Things are different if you have a salt with a protein-rich side dish like Chicken, No or Fisch eats. This lasts a long time and prevents cravings. Many processed foods mess up the body and leave your body craving more. Which hid Appetitmacher We’ll tell you what these include below.

These are hidden appetizers

Juice and smoothies

juices are they so healthy? Maybe, but if you want to lose weight, they are not the best choice because juices provide you with a lot of calories without filling you up. 100 ml of orange juice has about the same number of calories as a cola (approx. 40 / 100 ml) and fills your sugar account with a lot fructose. Also Smoothies are not the best choice if you want to lose weight. Smoothies have the advantage over juices in that they still contain the satiating plant fiber. However, smoothies also usually contain a lot of fructose, which leads to your… blood sugar level first shoots up and then falls into the basement. So that smoothies don’t stimulate your appetite unnecessarily, you should prefer smoothies that consist of vegetables. The ideal ratio here is 80 percent vegetables, 20 percent fruit.

Light products

Light products How Light-Cheese, -yoghurt and -sausage can’t be that bad, can it? Unfortunately, that’s not true, because it’s often just the case Light producte that cause you to eat more than planned. The reason is because of the low Fat percentage: Because less fat makes you less full, if in doubt you eat one more slice of cheese and the supposed calorie advantage is immediately lost.

Ready-made soup

One Soup against a little hunger? In Ready-made soups often stuck Zucker, cream and other fattening products that have no added value for the body and at the same time do not significantly satisfy hunger. It’s better if you cook yourself. Fresh soups are easy to make pureed vegetables conjure up. You can increase the satiety effect with a protein-rich side dish such as fish or poultry.


Tofu is a healthy protein supplier for Vegetarians and vegans. In and of itself, tofu is also quite low in calories. Unfortunately, the spongy consistency sometimes leads to your Feeling of satiety can no longer perceive. So you eat more than you intended. A remedy here is filling side dishes such as vegetables and hot spices such as chili and ginger, which curb the appetite.


A hidden one Appetitmacherwhich disguises itself as healthy Ready salad. Salads from the refrigerated section often contain salt, sugar and additives that make you want more. The side dishes quickly become the main meal.


The ingredient Fructose may sound healthier than more traditional Zucker. In fact, he stimulates it Appetit and prevents the feeling of satiety. This is shown by a study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Fructose also promotes gout, has a negative effect on metabolism and promotes the storage of visceral fat – if you care about a healthy lifestyle, you should Fructose waive.

Strategies against cravings and appetite

That it was hiding Appetitmacher there is, you now know. But what helps when you feel hungry again? We’ll tell you this with the following tips:

1. Drink a glass of water

If you are unsure whether you… Hunger or appetite If you have it, first drink a glass of water. Has your hunger subsided? Wonderful! If not, you can always treat yourself now.

2. Mint and lemon as appetite suppressants

peppermint and lemon inhibit appetite naturally. If you have a craving, simply suck on a peppermint or drink a glass of water with lemon. Works wonders!

3. Eat fiber

To stay full longer, you should eat a diet rich in fiber. fiber bind water and have a high swelling capacity. This will fill your stomach and stimulate your digestion.


Appetite and hunger are two different things. While hunger is your body’s distress signal, appetite is triggered by various factors. Factors that trigger appetite include social conventions, Hormonal fluctuations as well as hidden ones Appetitmacher such as juices, smoothies and sauces. The hidden appetizers have one thing in common: they are usually processed foods. Basically, you should try to eat as fresh as possible. Avoid fast food by larger portions Cook in advance and, if in doubt, eat an apple rather than the bar from the supermarket checkout.


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