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Grill the perfect stadium sausage yourself



Football, sausage and beer are the irresistible triad that attracts thousands of people to this country’s football pitches every weekend. But what if you’re suddenly the one who has to prepare the sausage? Gulp. But don’t panic, help comes here:

1. How many sausages do I need?

To ensure that everyone is fed, you can roughly estimate beforehand and plan for two sausages per person and add a safety surcharge of 15 percent at the end. Depending on how long the party lasts, the sausages will also taste cold later in the evening. Every sausage comes with a roll, so you can even save on plates and cutlery if you avoid nonsense like salads and vegetables.

2. Which sausage is the best for grilling?

In principle there are two types of sausages:

  • Pre-cooked sausages: Usually available in supermarkets, discount stores or gas stations. They are easy and quick to grill because they are only put on the grill for a short time at high heat to develop color and roasted flavors. 6 to 7 minutes of grilling time is sufficient here.
  • Rohwurst: Often only available from the butcher, and it takes a little more sensitivity when grilling, because the sausage has to be cooked through on the inside at the end, but not burnt on the outside. So it takes longer, but less heat. This means about 10 to 12 minutes of grilling time.

3. Beef, pork or poultry?

The classic bratwurst is made from pork. They exist as coarse and fine bratwurst, which differ in structure but not in ingredients. The fat content of coarse bratwurst can sometimes be higher, which means that it does not dry out as quickly when grilled. As an alternative to pork, for those who don’t like it or for religious reasons, there are beef or poultry sausages. When buying, you should pay particular attention to ensuring that there is not another type of animal in it. This is particularly common with poultry. In addition, both are often found in the pig’s intestines. But there are also some in the sheep intestines. To ensure that the sausages, which are significantly lower in fat, do not dry out when grilling, they should not be exposed to excessive direct heat

4. Cut the sausage or not?

Pre-cooked sausages can be cut so that the skin does not burst due to the heat. However, this causes raw sausages to dry out, so cutting them is an absolute no-go! Pricking with a fork also causes it to dry out. Professionals only work with grill tongs.

5. Deglaze grilled food with beer?

A myth that unfortunately persists is that it is smart to extinguish burning grilled food with beer. Small spoiler: it’s not. Beer is too good and you shouldn’t waste even a sip of it. If you grill with coal, the beer will stir up the ash and your sausages will look like they’ve left a volcanic eruption. The clouds of smoke that arise also contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: If these are not completely burned, they are considered to be particularly carcinogenic. The beer also cools some of the coal, which interrupts the continuous grilling process of your sausages. So do yourself and your party a favor and just drink the beer yourself.

6. Gas or charcoal grill?

This question has already destroyed friendships. If you can’t decide, it’s best to decide based on your time budget:

  • Gas grill: Ready to use within minutes. It also offers you the “clean” solution, as no flying ash lands on the grilled food.
  • Charcoal grill: If you have a little more time, you can also use a chimney starter to burn coals or briquettes on the charcoal grill. Depending on the quantity, this takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

7. Grill with or without a lid?

There is no discussion here. Grilling without a lid is so 1990s. There’s no way you’ll get the perfect result. Regardless of whether it is gas or charcoal, place your sausages on the indirect (= without heat) side on the grill for about 10 minutes while closing the lid – this way the sausages get nice and hot without getting any color. The sausages are then placed directly over the embers and grilled on both sides until they have reached the desired degree of browning.

8. Charcoal or briquettes?

Charcoal burns faster and gets hotter, making it ideal for bratwurst (or steaks and burgers). Briquettes are characterized by their longer grilling time, are therefore more suitable for longer grilling activities such as spare ribs or large pieces of meat. However, if you want to feed the second, third and all youth teams in addition to your team, they are of course also a good choice. Briquettes have a more even heat development because they are pressed into shape and therefore have a uniform density. This leads to constant heat development and burning time. Compared to charcoal, significantly less ash is formed. Local coal and briquettes without tropical wood are particularly sustainable.

9. Which rolls?

Purists avoid bread rolls at all when grilling, but to keep the crowd full and their hands clean, the baked goods are more than just a means to an end. Wholemeal rolls contain more fiber, but i.eThe combination was learned in a light bun and is therefore more popular. It’s best to buy these from the bakery. Rolls from the supermarket cost less than that, but do not develop the full flavor due to the short dough maturation and a lot of added enzymes. 10. To toast the rolls or not? Yes, but not too strong. When the bread is toasted, the heat causes the proteins to react with the carbohydrates in the bread. This chemical process is called the Maillard reaction and also occurs with other foods. Compounds are created that intensify the aroma and taste. Caution: If the bread turns black, the amino acid asparagine forms acrylamide, which is suspected of being carcinogenic. Incidentally, light bread rolls contain less of the amino acid, according to a study by the University of Hohenheim.

Fresh from the grill, it unites the largest football temples with the smallest village sports fields: a stadium sausage is simply part of it. And with this knowledge, you are now well prepared to conjure up the perfect sausage so that everyone can go home happy and satisfied at the end.


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