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Fit in the home office: How to use your breaks wisely



  • Why is exercise important in the home office?
  • How do I stay fit while working from home?
  • Conclusion: Meaningful breaks increase your productivity

From the desk to the fridge and back again. And after work, go to the couch. Then the shock: only about 100 steps taken. It’s time to change your home office habits. Just because you now have your office at home, you shouldn’t neglect your physical health. We will give you valuable tips that will help you make better use of your breaks during work and how you will soon feel much fitter.

Why is exercise important in the home office?

So that you stay physically and mentally at the top. This is really all about your motivation. If necessary, set alarms to remind you to get up and move. Use your breaks to take a short walk, stretch your legs, or do stretching exercises. Because: Regular exercise has a positive effect on your mental health. This is also what this cross-sectional study shows.

You’ll also improve the quality of your work by picking yourself up during your breaks. Regular exercise increases blood flow throughout your body, including your brain. This results in a better supply of oxygen and nutrients, which you urgently need for optimal brain function and concentration. The increased oxygen supply ensures that you can process your tasks more quickly and that you stay focused longer overall.

How do I stay fit while working from home?

The good news for you: There are many ways to use your breaks effectively when working from home. So if you don’t feel like doing one activity, there are 3 new options waiting for you. Here’s an overview for you:

Short fitness exercises

You don’t need a gym or a track to stay active at home. There are many exercises that you can complete in a short time and that will move you forward effectively. These include push-ups, squats, planks or yoga poses. Simply push your desk chair aside, choose one of the exercises and do it! Your blood circulation will be boosted immediately and you will feel fitter and more alert after just a few minutes. At the same time, your muscles will be strengthened and you will stay fit and focused. Here you can find out how you can set up a home gym with little money.

Ergonomic exercises

Sitting on your 4 letters all day will eventually take its toll on your back and neck muscles. This happens automatically, even if you make an effort to sit properly in your desk chair. But regardless of whether you already have pain or not, you should definitely incorporate ergonomic exercises into your breaks. Take the time to rotate your shoulders, stretch your neck or do targeted back exercises. What exactly should that look like? Here you can read what you can do to combat bad posture.

Plan a healthy diet

Sure, sometimes the time window is so small that you treat yourself to a chocolate bar to “recharge your energy.” But be careful: The high proportion of fat and carbohydrates leads to a short-term energy boost, but your organism breaks it down just as quickly. Long-term saturation? None. Instead, choose whole grain products or muesli. This guarantees that you will stay fuller for longer and can convert the energy you have accumulated into productivity.

Go into nature

Simple but effective. Leave your apartment behind for a short break and find a place in nature. This can be your garden or balcony, the nearest park or forest. The main thing is that you become one with nature for a moment. Here, too, your body fills up with fresh oxygen and your well-being battery is recharged. Back at your desk you’ll be twice as focused as before, I promise!

Maintain social contacts

Anyone who works a lot in the home office runs the risk of having too little interaction with their colleagues and friends. So pick up the phone during your breaks and call your loved ones, this is the only way you can counteract social isolation. Because let’s be honest: you can just let out your pent-up frustration at work with your friends without being judged or even fired. And we promise: you’ll feel much better afterwards and can tackle your tasks with renewed vigor.

No work during the break

Many people also dedicate themselves to work during their breaks. It’s important to do other things during your well-deserved break. Whether it’s sport, a series or a book, the main thing is that you stop work for a moment. So: don’t check emails, don’t make work calls and especially don’t worry about what’s waiting for you later anyway. You deserve your moment of peace!

Conclusion: Meaningful breaks increase your productivity

All you have to do is adjust a few screws and you’ll not only be more productive in your home office, but also fitter. Include short fitness exercises or ergonomic exercises in your breaks. Pay attention to your diet and get some fresh air every now and then. Your social contacts should not be neglected and the most important thing: no work during your break time.


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