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Fit at over 60: The best sports for men aged 60 and over



Have you played football or played tennis all your life? We can understand that well. If you’re still active, you’ve probably noticed that a lot has changed in your fitness. This is completely normal. However, you have to be careful now because your body is no longer as forgiving as it used to be. The good news: There are a lot of sports that are not only just as fun, but are also really good for men over 60. We’ll explain what’s important now and have something for you a selection has been put together to click through.

Should I still exercise when I’m over 60?

In any case! Right now your body needs your full attention. However, you should first find out what fitness level you are at. If you have pain or other complaints, have your family doctor check you out. Now you have to pay particular attention to your joints, which can quickly become overloaded. Regardless of whether you have been active in sports for years or have been putting your feet up for a long time, it is always worth doing sport. We explain to you what is really important in our article on the over 60 training plan.

Which sports should I avoid now?

Popular ball sports like soccer and tennis are so much fun because they are so intense. Football requires good physical fitness, coordination and fast, explosive movements. The susceptibility to injuries is high even at a young age if you are not properly fit. As you get older, it becomes even more difficult to survive the abrupt stops, explosive running and turning that are common when playing football without injury. Kicking a ball isn’t exactly easy on the joints; the knees and hips in particular can become overloaded even more quickly and cause long-term damage.

The situation is similar with tennis. The popular sport puts extreme strain on the joints. The many stops and starts can lead to signs of wear and tear and there is an increased risk of accidents, including overloading the muscles and falling on the pitch. Many explosive movements are carried out here, which can overload the body. The ball sports basketball, handball, American football and volleyball are also bad for the joints.

Our tip: Try to slow down a bit and only play football, tennis, etc. when you are absolutely pain-free and well trained. If not, we assure you that our sporting alternatives are also a lot of fun and that you can make your everyday life varied and fit. By the way, you can find the best fitness exercises for men aged 6 and over here.


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