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Fit at over 60: That's what lies behind Tom Cruise's young appearance



  • Kayaking, jogging, fencing, strength training: that’s how active Tom Cruise’s lifestyle is
  • Tom Cruise swears by this diet
  • Don’t let defeats get you down!

He recently celebrated his 61st birthday: Tom Cruise can currently be seen in the cinema again as an action hero in “Mission: Impossible 7”. Even after a good 40 years of film business and blockbusters like “Top Gun”, “Rain Man” and the “Mission: Impossible” series, Tom Cruise is still an integral part of the screens. But how did he manage to perform so well for so long and how can he still look so fit and young today? Is it his mindset, his training, or maybe his diet? He revealed to our British Men’s Health colleagues what the secret to his eternal youth is.

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Kayaking, jogging, fencing, strength training: that’s how active Tom Cruise’s lifestyle is

There is no question that the aging process is part of life and that aging can also be attractive. However, many people want to look young and fit for as long as possible. Tom Cruise seems to succeed in this perfectly: in his action films you can see him climbing high-rise buildings or jumping out of airplanes. And his viewers are impressed by the energy he radiates. How you move is actually much more important for a young and vital appearance than how much muscle mass you have. In the Men’s Health interview, Cruise reveals: “Sea kayaking, caving… fencing, treadmill, weights… climbing, hiking… I jog… I do so many different activities.” In order to keep the entire body fit, it is particularly helpful to have as much variety as possible in your training plan.

Strength training in particular is important to counteract the loss of muscle mass as we age. By alternating between endurance training and weight training, as well as incorporating sports such as fencing and climbing into his training, Tom Cruise maintains flexibility and balance in the body – two things that usually indicate aging.

Tom Cruise swears by this diet

It is already known that Tom Cruise only consumes 1200 calories per day, which sounds like a surprisingly small amount for an action hero with such an active lifestyle. When choosing food, he opts for grilled foods and tries to avoid carbohydrates as much as possible. So is low carb the secret weapon against aging? What is certain is that consuming carbohydrates causes the body to release insulin, which in turn can accelerate the aging process. So it actually makes sense to eat long-chain or complex carbohydrates. These enter the blood more slowly, meaning that blood sugar levels remain more stable and insulin is released less explosively. Examples of such complex carbohydrate sources would be legumes or whole grain products. Find out more about high-quality carbohydrates in our article.

Consuming grilled foods also has its advantages: By preparing them at lower temperatures, anti-inflammatory nutrients such as flavonoids (found in many plant-based foods) and isoflavones (from soy) are retained, which combat chronic tissue inflammation. Since these also accelerate the aging process, you should definitely give this nutrient-friendly diet a chance.

Don’t let defeats get you down!

Mindset work is important in order to achieve sporting, professional or nutritional goals. Tom Cruise: “I don’t discount it when I can’t do something. I say, ‘That’s interesting’ and deal with it. That’s where I get my energy from.” The actor doesn’t let defeats get him down, on the contrary: he uses them to learn from them and explore the reasons behind them. After all, you can work on anything.

Forever Young? At 61, Tom Cruise still looks as fit as many people at 40. His secret? An active lifestyle, a healthy, low-carbohydrate diet and the right mindset.


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