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Actually it’s quite simple: who lose weight want, must in Calorie deficit be – and best of all full, because otherwise it will be difficult Diet to endure permanently. “Feast slim” is the key word here, because some foods have a higher satiety index than others. What’s behind that Saturation index what you are stuck with Groceries Recognize what you can do without regret and what else you can do to help without hunger We’ll tell you how to lose weight in this article.

Basic needs and why some foods are better for your figure than others

Have you ever heard that Make apples fat? No…? We don’t either and if you take it very seriously, we do no food simple per se „dick“. Of course, chips, fries and sweets are not exactly healthy and are full of fat, sugar and additives that cause you to consume a high amount of energy. But what makes “thick” is the result of yours Total balance in caloriesthat you consume and consume throughout the day.

The Basic calorie requirements is a little different for every person and depends on your statue, your size, that Muscle percentage, age and gender. Add to that sports and everyday activities – the more you move and active you are, the higher yours is Calorie consumption. If you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight in the long run.

Come to this point Apples and Fast Food Back in the game: Let’s assume you have one Basal metabolic rate of 2,000 calories and burn an additional 1,000 calories through work and exercise. For this 3,000 calorieswhich you can consume in total to reach your basal metabolic rate, you can either 50 medium sized apples or two menus from any burger chain take to you. What makes you feel fuller?

In order not to gain weight and stay below your basic requirements, you should limit yourself with some foods, while you can eat a lot of other foods without having to eat them bad consciencen have to have.

Important when losing weight: the feeling of satiety

Hunger is a Interaction several external as well as internal ones factors. Hunger often feels like it’s happening right inside Magen arise, but several processes are involved in the persistent growling.

What determines whether you are hungry or not are:

  • Physiological factors
    These describe everything that happens in your body and ensure that you are supplied with enough energy.
  • Hedonic factors
    How much joy you enjoy eating, i.e. what happens on an emotional level, also influences your feeling of hunger. Maybe you can’t resist a bar of chocolate, or the smell of chips whets your appetite.

Apart from these factors, the Stomach at satiety an important role.

The stomach: friend and helper in losing weight

This is true for adults of normal weight average stomach volume at about 2 liters. Approximately 2 Kilo So you have to eat to get full. The following then happens in the body: The stomach expands, which occurs via so-called Mechano-receptors is reported to the satiety center in the brain. At the same time, the pancreas releases insulin and blood sugar levels rise. Insulin acts as a satiety hormone, telling your brain “I’m full” again. Further hormones are produced in the intestine and the fatty tissue also releases the satiety hormone Leptin from that the Appetit reins in. If all factors come together, you are full.

If your stomach is empty, this will inevitably lead to overeating Hunger. If your goal is to lose weight, you should avoid foods with a high Volume which expand the stomach and thus signal satiety. For the sake of completeness, hunger doesn’t only occur when your stomach is empty. Hormones, falling blood sugar levels, certain smells or a special taste can also cause your stomach to rumble.

Slim Feast Formula: Foods with a high satiety index

There are foods that keep you full longer than others. These foods are made with the Saturation indexkurz ANDdescribed and is based on an experiment at the University of Sydney in which 240 students subjective feeling of satiety when consuming different foods.

What is the Saturation Index?

In the experiment, each student ate a 240 calorie serving of a food regardless of quantity and weight. (In our example with the apples and the Burger menu to stay: For 250 calories you can eat a lot of apples, but not even half a fast food meal…) In the study, the satiety of White bread as a comparison value used, which means that all foods that were now tested were evaluated in comparison to white bread. White bread has one Index von 100. If a food has a satiety index of 350, it means that it Keeps you full 3.5 times longer than white bread.

If you want to lose weight, he can Saturation index be very helpful and serve as a guide for you. Foods that were tested in the study and were found to be very filling include these:

high calorie density vs. satiety

high SI

  • Potatoes: 323
  • lean fish: 225
  • Haferbrei: 209
  • Orange: 202
  • Apple:197
  • Whole wheat pasta: 188
  • Beef steak: 176
  • Beans: 168
  • Grapes: 162
  • Whole wheat bread: 157
  • Owner: 150
  • Cheese 146

low SI

  • Ice cream: 96
  • Chips: 70
  • Chocolate bars: 70

Which foods keep you full for a long time?

The list with the Saturation index Of course you don’t have to memorize it. Basically, a few rough guidelines will help you determine whether a food lasts a long time or not. Basically, you should rely on the following nutrients:


Foods rich in fiber have a high volume and are digested slowly or not at all. Fiber ensures a long-lasting feeling of satiety.


Protein is only metabolized slowly and therefore lasts for a long time. Also the blood sugar level is only slightly affected when consuming protein-rich foods, which is why protein lasts a long time.

Complex carbohydrates

potatoes have the best satiety index and contain many complex carbohydrates that the body can only break down slowly. Other complex carbohydrates, for example in whole grain bread or pasta, also last a long time. If you want to lose weight, you should regularly integrate these into your diet. However, you should avoid refined sugar, which quickly gets into the blood and messes up your blood sugar.

Do you want to lose weightyou should increase food take to you, the one high volume and low energy density have. To do this, rely on foods that contain water and are rich in fiber, such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains. These last longer than high-fat and low-water products. Would you like an example? 100 g of grapes has around 66 calories, 100 g of raisins has 299 calories.

If you want to watch your weight, you should eat more food low energy density grab – they often contain little fat, but a lot of water, have the appropriate volume and therefore give you a feeling of satiety. This means that foods that contain water and are rich in fiber, such as fruit, vegetables and whole grain products, are more filling than high-fat, low-water products.

Lose weight and stay full: 3 tips

To lose weight and stay full, these hacks will help you in everyday life:

1. Perennial favorite muscles

You don’t want to constantly keep an eye on the calories and want to treat yourself to something for fun? More muscles are the solution here! Muscle increases your overall turnover and ensures that you burn more calories. If two people sit on the sofa and eat chips together, the one with more muscle will gain less fat. The higher the total consumption, the more room there is for pure enjoyment. To build muscles, rely on progressive strength training and feel free to talk to us about it in the studio.

2. Smart preparation

The calorie content of your food depends on the correct preparation: boiling, stewing, steaming and cooking low-fat, calorie-saving alternatives to frying in the pan. 100 g of boiled potatoes only have 73 calories, while 100 g of fried potatoes have around 123 calories. To save calories, you should give preference to the pot over the oven.

3. Increase volume!

Who lose weight will, You don’t have to be hungry: increase the volume of food you eat. A high water content and most fruits and vegetables, for example, have a low energy density combined with a high volume. You can add these liberally to your food. How about, for example, you Replaces pasta with zucchini and cook for you Zoodlesor you grate a carrot into your porridge and add psyllium husk to increase the volume?


If you want to lose weight, you don’t want to hungry be.The Saturation indexwhich categorizes foods based on their satiety function, helps you to get fuller better. The better and longer a food fills you up, the higher it is Index value. Basically, it can be concluded from this that foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein keep you full longer. In addition to the satiety index, tips for preparing your food and increasing the volume will also help you save calories. Strength training ensures additional calorie consumption: If you have more muscle, you burn more calories.


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