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Clear Whey in the check: Is it worth buying?



A new generation of protein shakes has conquered the fitness market in recent years: Clear Whey. Are products like Isoclear, WPG-85 or Protein Juice really worth the hype? The successful coach and content creator Johannes Luckas explains this to you.

You can read here exactly what the term Clear Whey means (and, above all, what it contains) and what advantages it has over classic protein powder.

What exactly is a clear whey?

Clear Whey is a clear protein shake made from whey protein isolate. It differs significantly in appearance and consistency from the creamy shakes you may have previously drunk and is more reminiscent of fruit juice.

“While normal protein shakes are more similar to a classic milkshake, a clear whey impresses with its fresh, soda-like character,” explains our expert, who is himself a bodybuilder and personal trainer for various athletes. “Most people wouldn’t even notice that they’re drinking pure proteins,” says Luckas, who regularly provides his over 350,000 followers on YouTube with training videos and tips.

What is the difference to conventional whey?

The two protein shake variants differ in terms of their appearance and consistency:

  • Clear Whey (plus water) = clear liquid, like juice
  • Whey (plus milk or water) = creamy consistency

But that’s not all: While conventional whey is often whey protein concentrate, clear whey is always based on pure whey protein isolate. Some whey protein powders also contain a mix of isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzate. And of course you can also get classic whey as an isolate.

But what exactly is the difference between isolate and concentrate? Whey protein isolate is one of the highest quality protein powders and goes through a special (micro) filtration process such as cross-flow filtration. The content of lactose (milk sugar) and fat is extremely reduced, while the protein content is around 95 percent. A whey protein hydrolyzate is particularly good and easy to digest because, strictly speaking, it has already been pre-digested (“hydrolyzed”).

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Does Clear Whey have better nutritional values ​​than whey protein?

Both variants have excellent nutritional values ​​and your muscles are optimally supplied with new building material, don’t worry. However, since Clear Whey is a pure isolate, it is actually a little ahead in the nutritional check.

We took a look at the nutritional values ​​of two real top sellers from one brand: the Designer Whey (isolate + concentrate) and the Isoclear from ESN:

Nutritional values ​​of the “Raspberry” variety

pro 30 g Designer Whey

per 30 g of Isoclear


111 kcal

104 kcal


1,4 g

0 g

hereof: saturated fatty acids

0,7 g

0 g



0,8 g

of which sugar

1,6 g

0 g


22 g

24 g



0,04 g

Isoclear has significantly less carbs and salt, no fat and a little more protein. If you follow a strict nutrition plan and track everything in detail, the nutritional values ​​can be really beneficial. For hobby athletes, the difference does not play a decisive role, the protein supply is guaranteed in both cases and choosing your protein powder is more about taste preferences.

What are the benefits of a Clear Whey?

“Clear whey is extremely quickly digestible, so it’s very easy to digest. It doesn’t put a strain on the stomach and can even be drunk during training,” says fitfluencer Luckas. “Due to the good absorption capacity, the amino acids quickly enter the blood, which is especially important in the morning immediately after getting up and immediately after exercise.”

The advantages of Clear Whey at a glance:

  • Thirst quencher
  • fruity taste
  • low in calories and fat
  • hardly any carbohydrates / no sugar
  • lactose poor
  • easy to digest and quick to digest
  • no milk taste
  • Preparation with water instead of milk saves calories
  • high quality whey isolate
  • Contain all essential amino acids (EEAs).
  • BCAAs (Isoleucine, Leucine & Valine) are included

What goals is Clear Whey suitable for?

Clear whey – just like whey protein – is suitable for building and maintaining muscle mass. So it is basically ideal for all fitness athletes and bodybuilders to optimally supply the muscles with amino acids (protein building blocks) after training. By the way, Johannes Luckas is East German champion and East German vice-champion in bodybuilding, as well as multiple German champion in bench press.

Due to the reduced calorie, carbohydrate and fat content, the isolate is particularly worthwhile for athletes on an advanced calorie-restricted diet (for example in the definition phase), as they want to save carbohydrates and fat everywhere.

However, you are also well advised to go with a classic – and much cheaper – whey concentrate (or a mix) – no question about it. If you don’t like the milky taste or find it difficult to get the shakes down after training, Clear Whey is a good alternative.

Fruity clear wheys have some advantages over creamy protein shakes

Clear whey shakes are also great satiety drinks and can help you lose weight. Just like that Nutrition plans from Men’s Health Nutrition Coachingthat are 100 percent individual. Protein keeps you full for a long time and prevents cravings. Clear Whey is also low-carb compliant and low in lactose.

Tip from our expert: You can drink Clear Whey as a sugar-free, healthy drink with a low-protein meal (like pizza etc.) and enhance it.

What exactly are the ingredients in it?

Of course, this depends on the manufacturer or product. But they all have one thing in common: In most cases, whey protein isolate (or whey protein hydrolyzate, as in the Clear Whey Isolate from Bulk) is at the top of the ingredient list.

Depending on the variety, most of the products we looked at contain flavors, fruit extracts, coloring foods (such as beetroot powder) or dyes, acidulants and sweeteners, especially sucralose and steviol glycosides from stevia. The WPG-85 from Bodybuilding Depot has a remarkably short list of ingredients, as there are no dyes of any kind.

What you often don’t find in clear wheys are emulsifiers and thickeners, like xanthan gum. These additives ensure, among other things, a creamy consistency and good solubility in classic whey. But there are definitely clear shakes that contain these additives.

How do you prepare clear whey correctly?

Mix the amount of Clear Whey stated on the package (30 grams) with 500 milliliters of cold water. It’s best to use a shaker and you’re done.

Is your shake foaming a lot? Foaming is completely normal, but the amount of foam varies from product to product. Expert Luckas: “If possible, always use a shaker with a sieve, shake well with cold water and then simply place it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.” Then not only is the shake nice and cool, but the foam is also gone.

Tipp: “In the summer, add a few ice cubes and enjoy ice cold,” recommends the TikTok star and professional bodybuilder. “Even in winter, you can even drink certain varieties as hot ‘protein tea’.”

Which Clear Whey is the best?

Of course, this depends entirely on you and your preferences. There are many products and the selection of varieties is huge: from peach iced tea, to cherry juice, cola or cassis to woodruff.

We have put together a few recommendations for you in our table:

Our purchase recommendations
Bestseller with top ratings: Isoclear from ESN
Particularly cheap: Protein Juice from Big Zone
Many varieties & short list of ingredients: WPG-85 from Bodybuilding Depot

Conclusion: Clear Whey is more than a trend

Clear wheys are definitely worth the money because they are high-quality whey protein isolate that can be optimally absorbed and utilized by your body. Only you can decide for yourself whether the consistency and flavors, which are completely different from the classic, creamy protein shakes, are your cup of tea.


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