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Water is life. Depending on their age, people consist of up to 80 percent liquid, so water is important to us: we need it Water for metabolism, blood circulation, cells. But that’s not all: water can even be used Cell rejuvenation help. How to drink water beautifully and how important it is Drink is, you will find out in this article.

Topic overview

Water is a real elixir of life. Unless you have a black thumb, you probably know this from your plants and flowers. When you water them, they are happy and the leaves look even greener, healthier, the plants grow and thrive. On the other hand, if you forget to keep your plants close over a longer period of time pour, they enter. The leaves wilt and fall until, in the worst case scenario, the plant eventually dies.

You need it too Waterso that you feel fit and vital. As humans, we don’t notice a lack of fluids that quickly, but it also has consequences for us if we drink too little. Many people react to too little water with headaches. You may also feel weaker and less active when you drank too little hast.

That is not all. Similar to plants and flowers, humans also lead Lack of fluids to a optical change. You don’t have leaves that can wither, but you do Highwhich reacts to a lack of fluid supply: If you drink too little, wrinkles and your High loses on Tension.

That’s why you need water

As you now know, has Lack of fluids enormous health and visual consequences. This is because water is involved in a variety of processes in the body. Any examples? Water For example, dissolves important micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals from food and transports them to the cells. These in turn also consist largely of liquid and require liquid to function.

Also unusable waste materials are flushed out of your body with fluid in the form of urine. The more you drink, the better all of these processes work.

Therefore, make sure enough to drink. In this way you ensure that your cells remain elastic and functional and your Body better regenerated.

Cell renewal and the role of water

Water protects you from skin aging because it supplies the cells, which are largely made of water, with fluid and stimulates their function. Your body is constantly renewing and replacing its cells. You know this from your skin, fingernails and hair: here it is clearly visible when old cells have died and new cells grow back in the form of new hair and new skin. But it’s not just here where yours will be cells renewed: the cells in your organs, such as in your stomach, are also replaced regularly (approx. every two to nine days). The cells in your red blood cells renew themselves every four months, and those in your bones every ten years. All of these renewals slow down with age and can be caused by… healthy lifestyleproper nutrition, Sport and adequate fluid intake.

Stop the aging process with water: This is how water works against wrinkles

Do you want to look young for longer? Water works better than anti-wrinkle creams and expensive beauty products. By increasing fluid intake, water enters your skin cells, ensuring that your skin better blood circulation becomes and appears plumper. Water gives yours Skin tension and works Fold in contrast to. However, the prerequisite is that you drink enough. At least 1.5 liters a day It should be, preferably more, since you release around two to three liters of body fluid a day through your digestion, breathing and sweating alone. You have to replenish this depot with drinks and food.

The important thing here is the choice of drinks. Soft drinks, juices and sugary lemonades tend to have a detrimental effect; Sugar in particular can cause the formation of Signs of aging of the skin even fire, since the sugar molecules elastine fibers stick together. These sticky fibers cause your skin to lose its tone and elasticity – resulting in wrinkles.

It’s best to cover yours daily fluid requirements via unsweetened tea, tap water and mineral water. These drinks are not only good for your skin, but also for your figure, as they are calorie-free.

Drinking tips: How to drink yourself nicely

  • Drink enough: It should be at least 1.5 liters a day. When temperatures are high or you do a lot of sport, the need increases.
  • Drink regularly: Drink several glasses throughout the day as your body can only store a certain amount of fluid. An alarm clock can remind you to drink a glass every two hours – perfect for keeping your cells hydrated.
  • Zero calories: Don’t drink liquid calories. It’s better to use water and tea so that your drink doesn’t become a sugar and calorie trap.
  • Please use salt sparingly: Avoid heavily salted foods. These remove fluid from your body.
  • Replenish your water balance with vegetables: Vegetables also contain a lot of liquid and provide your skin with water. Cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce contain a particularly high amount of liquid over 90 percent water consist.
  • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty: When you first feel thirsty, this is already a warning signal from your body and, strictly speaking, it is too late because there is already a lack of fluids. So make sure you drink regularly.

What happens when there is a lack of fluids?

Why Water You now know that it’s good for you – but what happens if you don’t drink enough? Let’s put it this way: nothing good! If you drink too little, blood, tissue and cells lose fluid. Your blood becomes thicker and flows more slowly, you get a headache and you may be unable to concentrate. Yours too physical ability suffers from a lack of fluids and digestive problems occur. The lack of fluid in your cells also affects your skin, which appears duller and less elastic.

Water as skin rejuvenation from the outside

Water doesn’t just work from the inside. Even applied externally, it provides a more beautiful skin and counteracts the formation of wrinkles. Alternating showers can strengthen the skin. The constant change in temperature promotes blood circulation and ensures that your skin appears firmer and rosier.

More tips against skin aging

Water alone is not a miracle curebut in combination with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, water can counteract skin aging and keep you young for longer.

Water supports the Cell renewal and keeps your skin looking young for longer. However, you should avoid alcohol, drugs and too much sun, as these Skin cells age faster let.

Also has a positive effect on cell renewal Maximum strength training: This stimulates the Protein synthesis and the function of the cells. Through the muscular strain during training are in regeneration new cells educated.

Also Sleep is important to keep your skin looking young for longer. Your cells renew themselves primarily at night, so more cells can be repaired and replaced in a long night than if you regularly don’t sleep well.

One Nutrition from healthy ones Antioxidants and sufficient protein helps to fight off pollutants and build new cells. Recommended what their Antioxidantiengehalt concerns apples, berries, peppers, nuts and vegetable oils. Protein, on the other hand, is found in fish, lean meat, dairy products as well as soy and legumes.


Water is a true fountain of youth. Sufficient fluids are essential for your cells and the processes that take place within them. Because Skin aging becomes visible when your cells no longer renew themselves quickly enough, water can support the function of the cells and the Aging process stop. Make sure you drink enough and try to do ours Drinking tips to follow. In addition to adequate fluid intake, a healthy diet, exercise and enough sleep are also important to protect your skin from wrinkles.


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