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Cannabis: Weakened fertility due to smoking weed



  • Reduction in testicular volume by 59 percent
  • The good news: The effects of cannabis on fertility are largely reversible
  • Does smoking make you infertile?

Possession of cannabis containing THC is currently illegal in Germany. However, the federal government would like to change this in the future. Even without legalization, however, there are more and more people in Germany who consume cannabis – even though consumption brings with it some side effects: In addition to well-known consequences such as fatigue, lack of concentration, or palpitations, the drug is now also said to impair men's ability to procreate . This was shown by US researchers from the Oregon Health & Science University.

Reduction in testicular volume by 59 percent

Past studies have already demonstrated a reduction in sperm count as a result of cannabis consumption. The current study confirmed that consumption of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, has negative effects on men's fertility. For the studies, the researchers used a group of six adult rhesus monkeys who were given food containing THC every day. The results: As a result of THC consumption, there was a decrease in the sex hormones testosterone and estradiol, as well as a reduction in testicular volume by an average of 59%.

The reason for these adverse effects is believed to be the increased production of follicle-stimulating hormone in the cerebral gland, as this is partly responsible for sperm production.

The good news: The effects of cannabis on fertility are largely reversible

After cessation of THC consumption, the testicles returned to 73% of their original volume. Testosterone and estradiol levels also increased again, while the production of follicle-stimulating hormone decreased again. However, the original values ​​are not completely recovered here either.

Does smoking make you infertile?

The answer is: no. The study finally examined the effects of daily, particularly increased consumption. In addition, the research was not carried out on humans, but on monkeys. Nevertheless, these findings may provide an indication of how cannabis consumption affects human potency. Studies show that people also experience smaller testicles when their testosterone levels fall. So if you want to have children, you should avoid smoking weed.

Regular consumption of cannabis has a negative impact on male fertility. However, abstinence can largely reverse the effects. However, it can be advised that anyone planning to become a father should stay away from the joint.


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