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Buy eggs – this is how eggs become a healthy kitchen star



On the one hand, they are considered Protein supplieron the other hand as Cholesterol bombs and are available right now Easter time highly popular: Owner are still among the most controversial foods. Are eggs healthy or not? What do they reveal? Siegel on the egg? Can they increase cholesterol levels and what nutrients are in the egg? Today we'll tell you what the prejudices against eggs are and give you our favorite egg recipes for Easter.

Topic overview

Owner fill you up, they contain valuable protein and important micronutrients, they can be prepared in many ways (and for most of them, you don't even have to be a particularly good cook…) So it's no surprise that Owner It's not just Easter that is very popular with many athletes. In 2020, we Germans ate a total of 239 eggs per year – not always in the form of a classic one Breakfast ice creambut often also in processed form: as scrambled eggs, fried eggs, egg additives in other foods.

Eggs: nutritional values ​​and ingredients

Eggs are particularly valuable for athletes. The reason is their relatively high protein content: a medium-sized egg contains a total of around 90 calories 5.5 grams of protein and 4.2 grams of fat. The protein has the advantage that it can be easily absorbed by the human body, which is clear from the biological value of 100.

Eggs also provide you with valuable minerals such as calcium. Iron. Selenium as well as vitamins A, D, E and B vitamins. People who don't eat meat are often deficient in the latter. Eggs are therefore an important source of B vitamins for vegetarians.

cholesterol and eggs

In addition to the micro and macronutrients mentioned, an egg also contains around 205-280 mg cholesterol – quite a lot. The cholesterol here is found in the egg yolk – so if you don't feel comfortable with the thought of consuming so much cholesterol, you can simply leave out the egg yolk.

However, you don't need to be afraid cholesterol because it is actually an indispensable element for your cells and hormones. However, there is a small but subtle difference between them different types of cholesterol. Total cholesterol is made up of HDL (the so-called “good cholesterol”), LDL (the “bad cholesterol”) and so-called Triglycerides (neutral fats) together. Only when your HDL levels rise does it have a negative impact on your heart health.

Eggs and cholesterol levels: Are eggs harmful to the heart?

Are Owner completely harmless, or do they cause harm due to their high level Cholesterinwertes the heart? The study situation is not entirely clear on this and so there are always new, partly contradictory studies, which make a final assessment difficult. So that you can see the connection between Cholesterol levels and Heart health I understand, briefly the basics for you.

Cholesterol and heart health: How elevated levels affect the heart

A increased cholesterol levels represents an important risk factor for Heart diseaseheart attack and stroke. Especially an increased one LDL levels means an increased risk of Cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, medications that lower LDL cholesterol levels can apparently also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

A high one Cholesterol levels So it undoubtedly has an effect negatively impacting heart health out of. But what influence does the cholesterol content of certain foods, such as eggs, have on the cholesterol levels However, this does not make it clear. In this respect, it is difficult to answer whether Owner may or may not have a negative impact on cholesterol levels and heart health.

In the USA the recommended American Heart Society (AHA) for years, the Cholesterol intake to limit cholesterol to 300 mg per day to prevent the development of Cardiovascular diseases In 2015, this recommendation was abandoned again due to insufficient studies. There has not yet been a corresponding recommendation in Germany.

New study from 2019: Maybe eggs are harmful, BUT…

A study from 2019 again provides evidence of one possible connection between consumption Foods containing cholesterol and heart health: in a meta-analysis, six studies with almost 30,000 participants were compared with each other in terms of the participants' dietary habits and health; with the conclusion that among US adults a higher Cholesterinzufuhr leads to a higher risk of disease. However, the overall diet – whether burnt bacon, fried fries or eggs were eaten – certainly plays a role. Poor diet, lack of exercise and being overweight are often the triggers for increased blood pressure Cholesterol levels. If you eat fries every now and then, it won't increase your cholesterol levels. The same applies to people who eat eggs regularly. This will also make them Cholesterol levels It does not worsen immediately, as long as you prefer to eat fresh, unprocessed foods and ensure you get enough sport and exercise.

That means: The Effects of dietary cholesterol intake is always heavily dependent on the entire diet and the lifestyle. For example, a high proportion of polyunsaturated fats reduces the Cholesterinaufnahme. A few eggs are not harmful, it's the big picture that matters.

Code & quality classes: origin and attitude

When it comes to eating eggs, the origin is also important to many people. About this enter in Germany Code on the egg as well Grades Information. Chicken eggs are marked with a code that provides information about posture, producer company and Country of origin gives. For example, let's take the code 1-DE-XXXX. Here the number at the beginning, i.e. '1', indicates the posture. 3 stands for cage farming, 2 for barn farming, 3 for free-range farming and 0 for organic farming.

Eggs: husbandry method

0 = organic farming
1 = free range
2 = floor posture
3 = cage keeping

The second digit, here 'DE', is a Abbreviation for the country of origin. The subsequent one Number combination shows the state from which the egg comes. The last digits of this combination indicate the company and the stable number. In theory, you get a very precise answer to the question of how the hens from which your eggs come are kept.

Preparation of eggs

You now know what you should consider when buying eggs and how you can tell where your eggs come from. But what does that mean? Preparation of eggs to consider?

Best before date

Next to the origin code on the egg there is a best-before date. From this you can determine when your eggs were laid. To do this, you simply have to subtract 28 days from the best-before date. If you are not sure whether you can still eat an egg, you can also eat one Fresh thingst perform.

Egg freshness test and pests

For the Egg freshness test fill a glass or bowl with cold water. Now carefully add the egg. If the egg sinks to the bottom of the container, the egg is still frisch and you can eat it safely. Things look different when the egg stands up or swims to the surface. In this case the egg is older, so the Air chamber in the egg has enlarged. Older eggs For this reason they have more buoyancy in the water. Are you now wondering why you shouldn't eat older eggs? Because there is a risk that germs have migrated from the shell into the egg.

Because chicken eggs inevitably come in Contact with excrement advised, often come on eggs too Germs from the chicken intestine before. At the Chicken droppings sticking to the shell can therefore lead to the transmission of salmonella, which in turn can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever. You should therefore always pay attention to hygiene when processing eggs and not eat eggs raw. You should also avoid direct contact between the mouth and the shell, such as when blowing out eggs at Easter.

Live Cooking: PRIME TIME's favorite fitness recipes with eggs

On time too Easter tell you our favorite fitness egg recipes.

Owner Muffins


  • No
  • mixed vegetables (mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini etc.)
  • Fish (salmon, trout, tuna, etc.) or ham


Place diced vegetables, some fish or ham in a small silicone muffin mold, then beat egg over top. Season with spices and put in the oven (200 °C, about 10 minutes). The egg then rises and you have a delicious snack.

Egg spread


  • two hard-boiled eggs
  • 100 cottage cheese
  • 1 TL Senf
  • Salt pepper


Peel and chop the hard-boiled eggs. Mix with cottage cheese and a little mustard. Season with salt and pepper and then let it steep for at least 20 minutes. Great on protein or whole grain bread!


Owner are a valuable food for athletes and anyone who wants to keep an eye on their protein needs, as they provide highly usable protein and other micronutrients excellently satiating. Owner have a high at the same time Cholesterinwertwhich, at least as far as the current state of science is concerned, is harmless.

When you buy eggs, the code printed on the eggs provides information about the origin and shelf life of your eggs. If you are still not sure whether an egg is still edible, this will help Freshness test in water. Basically you should go for too old ones Owner It is better to avoid them as they can contain harmful germs. This is especially true for raw eggs. When processed, as in our muffin egg or fitness spread recipes, eggs are a healthy addition to your diet and cover a high proportion of your daily protein needs. Enjoy it – we wish you happy Easter!


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