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Bloated belly – where does the big belly come from?



Your Belly is hard, painful and sticks out strangely? We all know it, that feeling of being full, somehow “constricted” and too much Air in the stomach to have – one like that Bloated stomach can really ruin your mood! What is behind the bloated, rumbling stomach, what can you do about it and is there? Measuresthat you can use to prevent a bloated stomach? We’ll tell you all of this today in this article, in which we talk, among other things, to alternative practitioner Anne Grayer.

Causes of a bloated stomach

Your Stomach rumblessticks out strangely and you wonder if you’re sick, ate something wrong or even gained weight? Before you panic, we want to calm you down first. In general, it is completely normal for your stomach to be flatter when you get up in the morning than it is throughout the day. Even after a (large) meal, your stomach is bigger than before you ate. This is especially true after one fiber-rich meal and is completely harmless: your stomach is filled by the meal and ensures that your stomach now protrudes further. It only becomes a problem if your stomach is constantly bloated for no apparent reason and it Pains caused. Then there is talk of a so-called “Bloated stomach“. This denotes an abnormal one Gas accumulation in the abdomen, which is also noticeable from the outside. From the inside, the bloated stomach feels hard and causes pain. The causes of such a bloated stomach are very different. Among other things, the reasons listed are to blame Bloated stomach:


A Bloated stomach can – especially in women hormonal fluctuations to be triggered. The body produces during pregnancy, during menstruation or during menopause Progesteronewhich relaxes the intestinal muscles and at the same time ensures that the Belly (unfortunately) sbloats faster. Shortly before the period, the female body also stores more water, which also bloats the stomach. A typical sign for hormonal fluctuationsis a bloated stomach that is accompanied by weight gain.


Sleep has an impact on yours hormonal balance, reduces stress hormones and can therefore also help against a bloated stomach. You should make sure you get enough sleep, especially in the time before your period PMS to prevent. “Too little sleep is stressful for the body – and when the body is stressed, it shuts down all processes that do not serve immediate survival,” says alternative practitioner Anne Grayer. If you’re tired, your digestion will only work on a slower burner.


Probably the most important factor in… Development of a bloated stomach is the Nutrition. Processed foods, fast food, etc. can lead to this Colon sluggish and the intestinal mucosa becomes permeable to bacteria. Zucker and processed foods can also cause the development of Gases in the gastrointestinal tract favor. If you often suffer from a bloated stomach, you should reduce your sugar consumption, avoid processed foods and avoid carbon dioxide. Foods like legumes can also lead to a bloated stomach. “Fructose is also a big problem these days,” says Anne Grayer. Many people have fructose intolerance. Today, fructose is hidden in many foods and causes flatulence, diarrhea and indigestion in people with intolerance.

Sometimes there is something behind you Bloated stomach but even more: so can each other Intolerances as a Lactose intolerance or Celiac disease noticeable in a bloated stomach. You should have this clarified by a doctor. “There are certain blood groups that are more susceptible to lactose intolerance,” says Anne Grayer. Knowing your genes can help in this case; as well as an early dinner. “In the evening we should eat easily digestible things like vegetables or proteins,” says Anne Grayer, “we don’t actually need any energy to sleep. The German evening meal as a source of carbohydrates is difficult for many people to stomach.” Changing your eating habits can work wonders here.

3 nutritional tips on how to avoid a bloated stomach

What does your gut taste like? The question is essential to this Bloated stomach to declare war. Is the Colon out of balance, harmful bacteria take over; Digestion no longer functions adequately and this results in a Bloated stomach, constipation and malaise. To prevent things from getting that far, you should regularly eat the following foods:

1. Probiotics

Probiotics are foods that contain bacteria that have a positive effect on your intestinal flora. That’s why we often talk about “good bacteria” here. Probiotics counteract a bloated stomach. You can find them in the following foods:

  • Kombucha
  • fermented vegetables such as kimchi or sauerkraut (make sure that the vegetables have not been pasteurized, i.e. heated, so that the bacteria are preserved)
  • Tempeh
  • yogurt

2. Präbiotics

Präbiotics are foods that serve as nourishment for the good intestinal bacteria so that they can continue to multiply and thus ensure a balanced intestinal flora. Präbiotics stuck mainly in foods rich in fiber like this:

  • Psyllium husks
  • linseed
  • Chicory

3. Warm breakfast such as porridge

An insider tip against the bloated stomach is a hot breakfast. Porridge, for example, is perfect: Die fiber in the oatmeal there is already rain in the morning Colon and create a healthy foundation for the day. Since porridge keeps you full for a long time, you snack less and get through the day well. Alternative practitioner Anne Grayer also swears by a warm glass of water after getting up: “Warm water in the morning stimulates your metabolism.”

More tips to help you get your bloated stomach under control


Your Colon comes in Movementwhen YOU move. It doesn’t always have to be sport. Walking also helps you stimulate digestion, reduce stress and… to relax the intestines.

Drink a lot

In the fight against the Bloated stomach you should a lot drinksince water is the intestinal activity stimulates. Water and herbal teas made from caraway and fennel are best suited to relax the intestines. Ginger also has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps your intestines relax. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, has a counterproductive effect and can make symptoms of a bloated stomach even worse.


That exercise helps with digestive difficulties and such Bloated stomachh counteracts it, you already know. Sport But it is also good for a bloated stomach for another reason: when running and jumping, the internal organs move and thus accelerate the natural digestion process. Also at Strength training Concentrated breathing causes air to be pushed out of the stomach and in Bloated stomach cannot even arise. Sport is also perfect for reducing stress.

Reduce stress

Stress is pure poison for your body and them digestion: If you are stressed, your body is on alert and goes all out physical processes, which are not elementary for immediate survival. Digestion is therefore paralyzed when stressed; the food lingers longer undigested in the gastrointestinal tract and can do one Bloated stomach cause. In addition, persistent stress can cause your… Darmflora becomes imbalanced and the intestinal mucosa becomes permeable. If “bad bacteria” predominate in your intestines, your digestion and immune system will not function properly. Against Stress can you Yoga and relaxation techniques help.

Deep abdominal breathing

One shallow breathing can Stresssymptome worsen and cause Air in the stomach jams. If everything becomes too much for you, consciously stop and breathe deeply. 10 times deep into your stomach. This allows your intestines to relax again.

Reduce snacks

Treat your digestive tract The break, so your body has time to digest your food. Often snacking We do this unconsciously and thus mess up digestion. Try to keep 3-4 hour breaks between your meals. Attention: The breaks shouldn’t be too long, otherwise you might get ravenous and eat too quickly.

Intermittent Fasting

A help against constant, unconscious snacking between meals Intermittent Fasting. With this diet, you only eat during a certain time window, such as from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. In the meantime, you just drink and completely avoid calories.

Conscious, slow eating

Digestion begins in the mouth. Who to be Eating at record speedpreferably while standing, swallows often Luft down – the bloated stomach is, so to speak, inevitable. Therefore, make sure that you have your Chew food thoroughly, before you swallow it. Take your time with your meals and try to enjoy every bite. “Digestion begins in the mouth,” says Anne Grayer. Eating hastily in the home office, preferably in front of the laptop, causes you to gulp and swallow air.


A bloated, aching stomach can have various causes. One of the most common is this Nutrition: If you eat a lot of processed products, this can unbalance your intestinal flora and provoke the proliferation of harmful bacteria. To one Bloated stomach To avoid, you should be conscious, fresh and high in fiber eat. However, you should avoid sugar and processed foods; These promote the development of harmful intestinal bacteria, which make your intestinal lining permeable and cause you to feel bloated. Also a better one Stress management, exercise and sport will help you get rid of the bloated stomach. If you often use one Bloated stomach If you are struggling, you should have a doctor check whether there is an intolerance behind it.


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