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Arnold Schwarzenegger: This is how he stays fit at 75



  • 1. Find a suitable morning routine
  • 2. A source of protein in every meal
  • 3. Eat lots of vegetables and plant-based foods
  • 4. Develop a workout routine
  • 5. Track your workout and put your phone away
  • 6. Set goals and keep them in mind

He is a seven-time Mister Olympia, action film star and former governor of California: Arnold Schwarzenegger went through so many stages in his career that an entire documentary series about the fitness idol will soon be released. It’s no wonder that many people are interested in his tips and tricks regarding nutrition and exercise. The former bodybuilder recently answered questions about his healthy lifestyle on Reddit for a full 5 hours. We have summarized for you how Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps fit.

1. Find a suitable morning routine

So that nothing can happen, Arnold always trains first thing in the morning. His morning routine goes like this: make coffee, feed the animals, read the newspaper, check email and then bike to the gym. He follows this routine automatically every day. So he doesn’t have to turn his head on until after training.

2. A source of protein in every meal

The former bodybuilder does not measure or count his intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. “Too much thinking about fitness and nutrition can throw people off,” says Arnie. However, he recommends that you should also consume protein with every meal.

This is what Arnold Schwarzenegger eats to build muscle and maintain his weight

The former bodybuilder prefers to consume proteins in the form of eggs. He eats these in any preparation with vegetables. He also likes to use shakes to cover his protein needs. A salad is often on the menu for lunch. When he has breakfast, Arnold usually has yogurt with muesli. He swears by almonds as a snack. In the evening there is mainly vegetable soup. In general, he tries to eat healthy foods 80-90% of the time. If he gains weight, he reduces his portions slightly and eliminates bread and sweets from his diet.

3. Eat lots of vegetables and plant-based foods

Even though Arnold has never followed a 100% vegan diet, he makes sure to eat a mostly plant-based diet. He rarely eats meat anymore. This not only has a positive impact on his cholesterol levels, but also on his general well-being.

4. Develop a workout routine

In order to stay on track, a routine is important. “Do something every day until it feels weird if you don’t do it,” he says. For the former Mr. Olympia, training happens as naturally as brushing your teeth every day.

This is how Arnold Schwarzenegger trains

Arnold himself rides his bike to the gym every day. Here he always trains his chest and back alternately one day, his arms and shoulders the next, and the next day it’s his legs’ turn. Then the whole thing is repeated. Arnold trains his stomach and calves every day.

5. Track your workout and put your phone away

In order to improve your training, it makes sense to constantly increase the weight and repetitions. To determine progress, Arnold tracks his training. “I used a whiteboard in the gym and wrote down my reps. Then I marked each set as I finished.” The smartphone can also be used for tracking. Otherwise, you should put your cell phone away when training, because if you are on social media during a training session, for example, this can demonstrably reduce training success by 30%, says Arnold.

6. Set goals and keep them in mind

Wondering what kept Arnold Schwarzenegger motivated to train so hard? His answer is: his vision. In order not to give up, it is important to have goals and role models. He himself was inspired by Reg Park, Mr. Universe, who played the Greek demigod Hercules in many films during the 1960s. Arnold: “Every time I trained it was easy because I had my vision in mind. I saw myself on stage holding the trophy. It was as real as a memory.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger vows to stay healthy and fit in the long term on a predominantly plant-based diet with a high protein content. Setting goals and developing routines is essential to staying motivated in the long term.


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