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5 things you should eat before football



Most footballers know the dilemma: If you eat too early and too little before football, your stomach growls as you warm up. If you eat too late, too much or the wrong thing, you feel super sluggish. It’s important to find the perfect balance here.

When should I eat before training?

Between meals and training/games should be 1.5 to 3 hours lay. You can also have a light snack 30 minutes before football.

Important to know: There is nothing you can do to improve your muscle memory shortly before the start of training or a game. The 2-3 meals beforehand must have been well-stocked with carbohydrates.

What should I eat before football?

What you eat should always be a combination Carbohydrates, proteins and fats be. As is often the case, it depends on the mix. Foods that are too fatty (fried foods, burgers, etc.) are unsuitable as they put too much strain on digestion. In general, you want to be fully energized with a meal directly before the session without the food weighing heavily on your stomach.

These 5 foods are ideal before football

Oatmeal with milk/soy milk

It’s not without reason that this combination is the classic among athletes’ breakfasts. Oatmeal contains a small amount 60 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams. This makes them a great source of energy for footballers. Cow’s milk, yogurt, quark or soy milk provide the necessary portion of protein. Unfortunately, oat, almond and rice milk have hardly any proteins. Another unbeatable advantage of the oats combination: it does not require any additional sugar.


The dip made from pureed chickpeas impresses with its easily digestible carbohydratesthat give you power for 90 minutes. It also contains numerous B vitamins such as folic acid, which strengthen the nerves (during training). On top of that, there is a load of vitamin C, which is involved in the development of collagen, bones, connective tissue, etc. It’s best eaten with a slice of bread or a wrap.

Scrambled eggs in pita bread

Two eggs per person cover yours Protein requirement before exercise optimal. A light pita bread for the carbohydrates and salad and vegetables for the nutrients round out the meal.

Potato soup

Still looking for a good lunch before afternoon games? Try potato soup. The effect of potatoes on blood sugar is fairly limited, so they can also be used as… complex carbohydrate source serves you well, provided you enjoy the potato as naturally as possible. A high potassium content makes the tuber perfect as a sports food, because without potassium the body cannot build up glycogen stores. And the soup can be perfectly prepared the day before – it tastes even better.

Conclusion: Eat your last large meal 1.5 to 3 hours before football. Make sure you have a good mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats – then you will optimally prepare your body for sport with all the important nutrients.


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