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5 smoking stop methods in comparison



  • 1. E-cigarette – not a healthy way to quit smoking
  • 2. Hypnosis – an expensive method to quit smoking
  • 3. Nicotine chewing gum – a lengthy method of curbing nicotine addiction
  • 4. Nicotine patches – a smoking cessation method for heavy smokers
  • 5. Acupuncture – method for smokers who want to stop smoking immediately
  • What is the best way to go about quitting smoking?
  • So what is the best method to quit smoking?

Anyone who has made the firm decision to give up smoking is not alone in their fight against nicotine addiction. There are plenty of products and techniques on the market designed to help make nicotine withdrawal easier, more pleasant and faster. Our employees have tested for you which smoke-stopping method keeps its promise.

1. E-cigarette – not a healthy way to quit smoking

Looks like a smoke, smokes like one and contains nicotine like one. What’s missing are toxins like tar and carbon monoxide. According to the manufacturers, in this way you can slowly give up smoking.

The problem: “Anyone who consumes e-products containing nicotine – whether e-cigarettes or e-tobacco heaters – can become dependent on nicotine relatively quickly, because nicotine has a high addictive potential. In addition, consumption can maintain a nicotine dependence that was previously caused by smoking Tobacco cigarettes were created. “That’s why e-products are not recommended as a method for completely abstaining from nicotine, i.e. a smoking cessation that includes both smoking tobacco cigarettes and consuming e-products,” explains Michaela Goecke, head of the topic-specific department health education from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). “How the consumption of e-products affects health in the long term has not yet been sufficiently scientifically investigated – in the short term, heart rate and blood pressure can increase or allergies can occur.” You can find out more about the consequences of e-cigarette smoking here.

Tom Heinzius, former intern: “When I was pining, I reached for the e-cigarette. Unfortunately, I didn’t smoke less.”

2. Hypnosis – an expensive method to quit smoking

Just like in your sleep, you should become a non-smoker after just one to three sessions. Cost: around 150 euros per session. The therapist associates the glow with negative images and thus drives the addiction away. “You don’t have to believe in hypnosis. What’s important is that you have the will to stop,” says Dr. Elmar Basse, hypnotist from Hamburg. You can find hypnosis CDS on Amazon, for example.

Anna Grobler, freelancer: “I was a little uneasy about letting myself go like that with a stranger. But the result speaks for itself: immediately after the first treatment, my aggressive craving for cigarettes disappeared. And the best thing about it is: it continues to this day. Now I can finally do sports without wheezing.”

Studies that have been carried out on hypnotherapy for people who are trying to stop smoking through hypnosis mostly come to more critical results: Scientists evaluated 14 studies with 1,926 participants and published their results in the Cochrane Library in 2019. Their conclusion: “There is no clear evidence that hypnotherapy is better than other approaches at helping people stop smoking. If there is a benefit, the current evidence suggests that the benefit is small at best.” .

3. Nicotine chewing gum – a lengthy method of curbing nicotine addiction

The addiction is satisfied by chewing because nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membranes. It can take three to six months and will cost you around 50 cents per nicotine gum. The disadvantage: “If you consume too much, there is a risk of a nicotine overdose,” says chief pharmacist Professor Christian Franken from Heerlen. The advantage: For many people, smoking is a ritual – like chewing gum.

Christopher Zlotos, former trainee: “I didn’t like them – they taste horrible and scratch my throat. But they curbed my cravings, I only smoke on the weekends. Normal chewing gum works for me now too.”

4. Nicotine patches – a smoking cessation method for heavy smokers

There are nicotine patches with different strengths. When attached to the arm, they release nicotine constantly throughout the day. “They are therefore particularly suitable for heavy smokers,” explains Professor Franken. You should allow three to six months before weaning. Price: around 60 euros for 21 plasters.

5. Acupuncture – method for smokers who want to stop smoking immediately

Be all ears now, because that’s exactly where an acupuncturist inserts short, permanent needles that look like small plasters for around 50 euros. They stay on the skin for a week. This is intended to lessen the withdrawal symptoms. “The needles can also be stimulated with a magnet,” says Dr. Christina Sander, acupuncturist from Hamburg.

Anja Baumgarten, colleague at Women’s Health: “Putting in the needles was the only unpleasant thing. Otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised that I had absolutely no feeling of addiction within seven days. After that, I lasted another three months before I smoked again. Maybe the final will was missing – or a few more Needles.”

Studies on the subject of acupuncture and nicotine cessation were also reviewed and evaluated. The result: “For acupuncture compared to sham acupuncture, weak evidence was shown for a smaller short-term benefit, but not for a long-term benefit.”

These books may support you more effectively on your way to becoming a non-smoker:

What is the best way to go about quitting smoking?

Anyone can stop smoking. But not everyone can renounce toxic smoke permanently right away. If you try it too often, you will eventually completely lose faith in your ability to actually become a non-smoker. Therefore: Find out about the methods that can help you quit smoking.

Background: According to the “German Survey on Smoking Behavior” study 2023 (DEBRA), around 37.6 percent of 18 to 24 year olds and 34.4 percent of Germans over 25 are active tobacco smokers, plus there are currently 1, 9 percent e-cigarette and 0.6 percent tobacco heater users. Not to forget the increasing number of shisha consumers, especially young people. “The consumption of Shihas is associated with a more intensive exposure to largely the same toxins as with conventional cigarettes, so that Shisha smoking is considered to be more dangerous to health than the consumption of conventional cigarettes,” writes the German Medical Journal.

12.5 percent of German smokers made at least one serious attempt to quit smoking in 2023. You too can be one of those who can do it!

Exercising in the fresh air is one of the best companions when you first become a non-smoker. Tip: Start running. Set goals, our training plan will help you:

Support your psyche by seriously addressing the dangers of smoking. Be aware that, on average, smokers die 10 years earlier than people who have never smoked, according to the Health Knowledge Foundation.

So what is the best method to quit smoking?

According to the BZgA experts, the path to quitting smoking varies greatly from person to person (the addiction counseling center also offers help, you can find information about this here). For our colleagues, apart from hypnosis, none of the five methods mentioned above were really helpful.

The end point method is considered the most proven method for becoming a non-smoker. Here we have put together the most important information about the end point method. With this you set a day from which you want to be smoke-free. You can prepare yourself mentally for the deadline by becoming aware of your smoking habits beforehand. Studies show that verbally communicating the disadvantages of smoking alone brings better results than combining the same content with, for example, nicotine chewing gum. Don’t let yourself be distracted by supposed smoking cessation aids, but use common sense!

Also think about what will best help you stop reaching for the pack of cigarettes even after you quit smoking. Try simple tricks like an anti-stress ball or a non-smoking diary. If in doubt, it helps to take a brisk walk.

There is no one right way to stop smoking. Explore the different ways to quit smoking, but don’t just randomly try one after the other. Try to find the method that works best for you and stick to it as if there were no other. With determination, you too will be able to finally give up smoking.


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