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12 egg dishes for building muscle



Eggs for building muscle

Eggs are the epitome of muscle food and play an important role in optimal nutrition for building muscle. No other food contains such high-quality protein (also called protein) as the egg. That’s why eggs with a value of 100 set the “gold standard” for the biological value of dietary proteins. This means that our body can use 100 percent of the egg protein to build muscle and convert it into the body’s own protein.

By the way, most of the protein is in the egg yolk, and not in the white – as you might expect. But egg yolks also contain more fat and many more calories, so a mix of the two is optimal. You can find out more about this here.

You need protein not only to build and maintain muscles, but also for optimal regeneration and repair processes within the muscle cells. If you don’t consume enough protein, you automatically lose muscle mass, especially during a calorie-restricted diet (i.e. when losing weight or during a muscle definition phase). Your body then draws the protein building blocks it needs from its own stores, especially from the muscles. To counteract this, it is important to always ensure that you consume sufficient protein.

In addition to plenty of protein, eggs also provide many other healthy ingredients, such as vitamins A, D, E and K, numerous vitamins from the B vitamin group as well as minerals and trace elements such as potassium and calcium.

Lose weight healthily with egg dishes

You can use the benefits of eggs not only to build muscles, but also in your weight loss project:

Protein fills you up longer than carbohydrates or fats. The reason: Breaking down and digesting protein molecules is hard work for your body and takes a long time. And if you are full for longer, you automatically eat less. Some of the calories provided by the protein are used to digest the protein. Protein-rich foods stimulate thermogenesis (heat production), which studies have also shown. This means: Energy is burned and released as heat, which increases your energy consumption.

b) Anti-craving effect

Your body also secretes less insulin after a protein-rich meal. This hormone inhibits fat loss and causes your blood sugar levels to spike, but then drop just as quickly. The result: You get hungry again shortly after eating. Protein-rich foods therefore act as natural appetite suppressants and protect you from cravings.

Do eggs really contain a lot of cholesterol?

Eggs continue to fall into disrepute and the bad image that eggs are unhealthy cholesterol bombs still persists to this day. The fact is: Yes, eggs contain a lot of cholesterol. But is eating eggs automatically bad for the heart and blood vessels and can lead to arteriosclerosis etc.?

In an official statement on the subject, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) states that current studies do not show any clear effects of egg consumption on cardiovascular diseases. But: “The study results show neither clearly negative nor clearly positive effects of egg consumption on the endpoints examined.”

Opinions vary widely when it comes to recommended egg consumption. A 2020 study with over 177,000 test subjects showed that eating an egg every day has no negative effects on blood lipid levels.

The DGE writes: “Due to these contradictory results, no specific consumption amount for eggs can currently be derived. The focus should therefore not be on a discussion about limits for egg consumption or the associated cholesterol intake, but rather on the overall quality of the diet and a healthy lifestyle. ”

Recipes with eggs are quick, easy and varied

Eggs can perfectly complement your muscle building diet, you just shouldn’t overdo the amount per week. After all, there are plenty of other protein-rich foods with which you can easily meet your daily needs.

But you can always integrate eggs into delicious recipes. They are incredibly diverse in the kitchen, so you won’t get bored on your plate anytime soon. Whether boiled, fried, poached or gratinated: eggs are real all-rounders in the kitchen and can be quickly and easily transformed into healthy meals. Eggs are also easy to digest and, when cooked hard, are also suitable as a small snack between meals.


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