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10 schnelle Pre-Workout-Snacks



  • When should you eat before training?
  • What should you eat before exercise?
  • Conclusion: Train more effectively with the right snacks

In order to achieve top performance during training, you should provide your body with a small pre-workout snack shortly before exercise. This ensures that you don’t wear out early on the equipment and that your muscles have enough energy available.

When should you eat before training?

The last big meal before your training session should be two to three hours ago. However, if you feel hungry an hour or half an hour before your workout and are worried about your performance, you should quickly grab a quick snack. But make sure you choose an easily digestible snack that is not heavy on your stomach and at the same time provides an extra energy boost.

What should you eat before exercise?

So that your digestion doesn’t go into overdrive during training and your performance curve drops, you should only eat a little something beforehand. Short-chain carbohydrates from bananas or dried fruits provide you with quick energy, but only for a short period of time. But it’s completely enough for a tough sports session.

1. Snack on almonds before exercise

If you snack on a few almonds before training, you will benefit from several advantages: Almonds provide a lot of vegetable protein, lots of vitamin E, as well as the sports minerals magnesium and potassium. Vitamin E can develop its antioxidant effect during exercise and, according to studies, reduce cell damage.

The high-quality fat in the almonds does not put a strain on your metabolism, but rather helps to regulate it – but only if you snack on the almonds in moderation (a small handful) before your workout. And: Chew well, otherwise they can weigh heavily on your stomach.

2. Bananas are an ideal pre-workout snack

A banana before a workout can prevent nasty muscle cramps

Bananas are probably the most popular pre-workout snack. Because they are easy to digest (as long as they are not unripe and green), they keep you full for a long time and are therefore ideal sources of energy before exercise, especially before a strenuous endurance session. Bananas also contain numerous vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and magnesium. According to studies, magnesium and potassium are absolutely essential (vital) for us and are involved in numerous functions in the body. Among other things, they promote communication between nerve and muscle cells and thus ensure smooth muscle function.

3. Eat cottage cheese before training

Grainy cream cheese – also called cottage cheese or cottage cheese – is an ideal last snack before exercise because it is low in fat and calories, but contains more healthy protein. Your muscles in particular benefit from this, because they rely on a constant supply of protein-rich foods because they are made of protein building blocks, the amino acids. Cottage cheese also provides hardly any carbohydrates, but a lot of calcium.

Tipp: Pimp your pre-workout snack with honey and fruit as a small, additional energy booster.

4. Rice cakes or toast for a quick energy boost

Rice cakes and toast provide quickly available, short-chain carbs – in other words: they are excellent “last-minute energy sources”. In addition, the two foods are low in fat and provide hardly any fiber or protein. From a nutritional point of view, they are not particularly valuable because they do not have many healthy ingredients to offer. But they are ideal as a short-term source of energy before exercise (smeared with honey or jam) because they are easy to digest.

Your blood sugar level will rise quickly: use the effect for a tough workout!

5. A protein bar is practical and quick to snack on

You can definitely sneak in a protein bar around 1 hour before training. They are now available in almost every supermarket and can be taken practically anywhere. The bar provides you with energy and amino acids, the small building blocks of your muscle cells. This small snack is also ideal after training to optimally supply your muscles with protein.

At 50 to 70 grams, most bars are so small that your training is not negatively affected by possible digestive problems. However, if the bar is rather large and contains a lot of chocolate or a lot of nuts, then only eat half and snack on the rest afterwards. The protein fills you up for a long time and a too large portion so shortly before training could otherwise weigh heavily on your stomach.

6. Eat peanut butter with fruit

One to two tablespoons of nut butter (or almond butter) dipped with apple wedges or banana slices will provide you with lots of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids and high-quality, plant-based protein before training. But be sure to pay attention to the ingredients when buying: your body can do without added sugar. The nut butter should consist of 100 percent nuts. But a little salt is okay.

7. Snack on dried fruits before your workout

Dried fruits provide the body with plenty of potassium (for regeneration after exercise) as well as quickly available energy – making them the ideal snack before your workout. However, you should be able to control yourself: 2 to 3 dried fruits are completely sufficient, otherwise the fructose and the fiber it contains will be difficult to stomach during the workout.

Dried apricots, figs or apple rings are particularly suitable. Important: If you eat dried fruit, be sure to drink enough.

8. Enjoy natural yogurt with honey

Natural yogurt not only contains plenty of protein for building muscle, but also important minerals, including magnesium and calcium. The body loses a lot of minerals through sweaty sports sessions, so the stores have to be constantly replenished so that you can perform at your best.

Among other things, magnesium is important for energy metabolism, improves regeneration and protects against premature fatigue. Calcium also supports muscle contraction.

Tipp: Add a little honey or maple syrup and a few berries to the yogurt to provide additional energy for your workout.

9. Oatmeal for long-term energy

A portion of oatmeal with water or yogurt is a good choice both before and after exercise. The flakes contain long-chain carbohydrates as well as the so-called beta-glucans, which belong to the group of fiber. According to studies, these ensure that your blood sugar level only rises slowly and that the body is supplied with energy evenly over a longer period of time. In addition, the beta-glucans have a positive effect on your intestines and cholesterol levels. This way you create the perfect conditions for consistently good performance during training.

Take a small portion (around 50 grams) of oatmeal about an hour before your workout, not later. Try out what amount is ideal for you without feeling stuffed afterwards. Alternatively, you can eat a larger portion (100 grams) one to two hours beforehand.

10. An espresso for more focus during training

Some people use pre-workout boosters with caffeine before training, others drink an espresso. A cup of coffee or a double espresso (without sugar) boosts your nervous system, dilates blood vessels and makes you more alert and focused. This is especially useful on days when your motivation is rather low. The caffeine buzz can increase your focus before a workout, allowing you to fully concentrate on your workout.

Good to know: Over time, your body gets used to the caffeine and the effects wear off. So don’t drink coffee before every workout!

Conclusion: Train more effectively with the right snacks

Small snacks before training ensure that you can perform to your full potential. They should provide quick energy in the form of carbohydrates and good protein. Minerals such as magnesium and calcium also prevent muscle cramps and support rapid regeneration.


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